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Au Pair Certificate proving your experience

The Au Pair Certificate gives Au Pairs the chance to receive a written confirmation about the Au Pair experience offers you the possibility to download both certificate and diploma in different languages. What is the difference? Diploma shows that you have participated in the Au Pair Program, while certificate communicates what you have done during the Au Pair stay: responsibilities, time spent, duration of the program and any other relevant extra information. You can download both templates below:
To edit the Au Pair certificate and insert your personal details, you can download Adobe Reader. It’s a free program that you can install on your computer. Consider that this certificate is a general template. Be sure that the institution that requires this certificate will accept the template.

We recommend filling in the certificate and signing it while you are still abroad. If you have participated in the Au Pair program in different countries ask each of your Host Families to sign a certificate. This will help you to prove your experience.

Learning foreign languages
What could be a better language course than the Au Pair program? Learn the foreign language in no time while living abroad. Read more is an online matching agency that creates a platform to connect Au Pairs and Host Families. can’t sign the Diplomas or Certificates as it doesn’t participate or influence the Au Pair stay abroad. Both documents are signed only by the Au Pair and the Host Family who have collaborated directly during the program. 
As an additional proof of the Au Pair stay, you can use the Au Pair contractlanguage course certificate or recommendation letter from your Host Family. All these documents can be used to justify your skills and experience for future jobs or other applications.

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