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How to change the Host Family or find another Au Pair?

Though Au Pair Program’s duration is predefined, sometimes plans can change. Au Pairs might change Host Families if they are interested to extend their experience and stay abroad. 
In the other case, Host Families and Au Pairs might terminate their cooperation earlier due to irreconcilable differences. If despite every effort the relationship between the Au Pair and the Host Family does not work, continuing the program together does not make any sense.
Preventing and solving potential problems
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There might be some cultural problems, differences between expectations and reality and many others. If both parties were trying to cooperate and find a solution to the problems, but it was of no help, there is no point to continue the relationship. 
Once you decide that the Au Pair stay will be terminated earlier, we would suggest the following plan of actions

Discuss the situation

Discuss the situation together in details and clarify your view. Inform the other party as soon as possible. Be honest with each other about your feelings and problems you face. Take the feedback on your behavior and actions to help prevent this situation in future. 

Respect the contract

Both parties should respect the notice period discussed earlier and written in the Au Pair contract. In most countries the notice period is around two weeks. 

Clarify organizational details

If you are an Au Pair, ensure that  you are allowed  to stay in the host country despite changing the Host Family. If you need a visa for your Au Pair stay, ask for all visa related information in the embassy. 

Look for a new match

If you have found a Host Family through a local organization, you will need to ask for a replacement. The agency will search for a new Host Family for you. Take into consideration that it may take some time until they find you a new one. Meanwhile, you can reactivate your account or register again at  
After you have found a Host Family at, you can deactivate your profile, but don't delete it. This way you will be able to easily activate it anytime you need to start new search. Maybe you will need it to find a new host family to extend your stay or enjoy new experience in a different country. 

Start a new experience

If you have any other questions, you can always check our FAQ or Au Pair WIKI for more information. 

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