Can I afford to host an Au Pair?

The Au Pair program gives a chance to get closer to another culture by hosting an Au Pair. Though there are certain pros and cons of this experience, it is a very economical child care solution with an international impact. Nevertheless, there are certain costs you need to consider in advance.

General costs of hosting an Au Pair

These are mandatory costs that are applicable to all Host Families participating in the Au Pair program. They include:

Accommodation and food

You have to provide a room for the Au Pair in your house. As it should meet certain criteria, you might need to buy some furniture or other required things to make it livable. In addition to accommodation, you need to provide the Au Pair with full board. 

Pocket money

Each country has its own standards for the monthly amount of pocket money that the Host Family pays to the Au Pair. The amount is defined by the official Au Pair program of the country. 

The approximative amount the Au Pair has to receive is the following:
  • Au Pair cost per week: starting from 140 €
  • Au Pair cost per month: starting from  550 €
  • Au Pair cost per year: starting from 6,600 €

Other costs of hosting an Au Pair

Agency costs

You need to consider the cost of a full-service agency or an online matching agency. Online platforms like offer you free registration, the possibility to browse through potential/prospective Au Pairs and additional useful features along with a Premium Membership for a certain fee. - your online matching agency is the place where Au Pairs and Host Families from all over the world meet. Create an account and find your Au Pair at almost no cost! Read more

Full-service agencies support you during the matching process and Au Pair’s stay abroad, thus the cost will be much higher. Depending on your personal needs, both options offer a great service and help you to find the right Au Pair. If you want to host an Au Pair in the USA, you have to cooperate with local agencies that are recognized by the US government. Below you can see approximate agency costs of several countries.

Language course costs

Keep in mind that your future Au Pair will need to attend a language course or some other course in order to fulfill the program requirements. In most of the countries the Au Pair covers the cost of the course. In other countries, Host Families are responsible to cover a part of the language course cost.  


In some countries Host Families have to cover a health insurance for their Au Pair. Please check your country's program requirements!


Although we encourage Host Families to support their Au Pairs with travel costs, it is not your obligation.  
Read more information about the Host Family’s responsibilities and requirements and look into our Au Pair WIKI for more information. 

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