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Do I need a driving license to become an Au Pair?

This is one of the most common Au Pair questions at our website.Though it is not an official requirement of the Au Pair program, some families mention the driving license as a mandatory criteria for their future Au Pair.

It depends on the host country and the Host Family. A family might not have the access to public transportation and needs someone to drive the kids to school and other activities. 

A driving license seems to be mandatory in the USA. Is this correct?

The Au Pair program in the USA has different requirements for participation. Most of the families there are looking for an Au Pair who can drive. It is very common for Au Pairs in the USA to drive to shops, pick up the kids from school or drive to the language class. This is one of the reasons why  most Au Pair agencies in the USA are asking the candidates to have a valid driving license. 
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If a Host Family doesn’t require the Au Pair to have a driving license, they need to check if the local agency is ready to accept this case and continue the process. If there occurs a case of contract termination, the chance to find a new Host Family without a driving licence is rather small. 
At you can find a Host Family that matches your criteria. As long as both the Au Pair and the Host Family find common ground for cooperation, there will be no additional Au Pair requirements.

In general terms:

  • You don’t need to have a driving license to become an Au Pair, but it is a great advantage to be a driver.
  • You can still be placed in an American Host Family as long as both Host Family and two local agencies agree on the placement.
  • You can find an American Host Family at and contact the local agency afterwards.
For more information about the Au Pair program, check our Au Pair WIKI and popular questions.

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