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Why Facebook is not the right channel to find a Host Family?

We already know that social media tools like Facebook can connect us no matter where we are. At the same time, is Facebook the right tool to get a suitable Host Family? 

Social media is a great way to keep in touch with friends, find out news, meet and communicate with people. When it comes to Host Family search, you should better avoid it! Facebook account has a goal to help Au Pairs to find answers to their questions. It's also a channel where they can share experiences and thoughts about the program. So far the page also helped to connect some people from the same country or city to the bigger Au Pair community. It helped them to share their adventures. 

Our team daily checks all the comments, pictures and links posted on the site. It helps to avoid unappropriated or offensive content and to guarantee a peaceful environment. team also tries to protect our users from the scammers. We often delete facebook user messages containing personal data to protect from potential scammers. It's a kind request not to feel offended if your comment has been deleted. Unless it contains personal data, we will not remove it. Your safety is our main concern! 

To avoid fake Host Families, keep in mind that:

  • American Host Families cannot host Au Pairs without a local agency in their country. To get a J-1 visa for you, the Host Family needs to register with an American agency. If you would like to be their match, you need to register with an agency in your home country. This way both companies can work together and place you!
  • Public comments which contain contact data of Host Families are not always real. Make sure you arrange a Skype video call with the Host Family and never send any money abroad.
  • Do not get in touch with any 3rd party travel agency, lawyer, and an embassy from the Host Family’s country. Au Pair has to handle his/her paperwork in the home country and foreign agency or embassy can't help.
  • Do not display your e-mail address or phone number on Facebook. Protect your contact data and make sure you will not be contacted by scammers.
  • Do not contact Host Families on Facebook. This way we can't protect or warn other Au Pairs in case you find out you have been in touch with a scammer out of the website. 

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