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Can I become a Host Family?

Are you looking for a different childcare solution and considering hosting an Au Pair? In this post, we will write about general requirements for the Host Families interested to participate in the Au Pair program

General requirements for Host Families


To hire an Au Pair, you need to have at least one child under the age of 18 as a rule. This condition depends on each host country's terms.

Equipped Au Pair room in your home

You have to provide your future Au Pair with a private room that meets basic criteria of the Au Pair program.  

Full board and monthly pocket money

Since the Au Pair will live with your family, you need to provide her/him with at least 3 meals a day. In addition to this, you will have to pay the weekly/monthly amount of pocket money as per your country program standards.
The Host Family is not allowed to deduct any of the boarding costs from the Au Pair's pocket money.

The Au Pair's duties
Although your Au Pair is about to become your new family member, there are certain rules that you both need to keep in mind. Read more

Nationality & spoken language

Your family has to speak the main language of the country at home, as the main goal of the Au Pair program is cultural exchange. According to the program requirements, the Au Pair will have to learn or improve his/her knowledge of the host country’s language. To make it possible, the Host Family needs to speak in this language at home.  
In addition to this, you will need to find an Au Pair of a different nationality than your own to respect the cultural exchange aspect. 

Other requirements 

As a Host Family, you have to respect Host Family responsibilities during the whole Au Pair stay. To avoid possible misunderstandings and conflicts during Au Pair stay, we recommend to discuss different aspects of the program with your Au Pair and write it down in the Au Pair contract
If you meet the participation criteria described above, register as a Host Family and read more how to find a great Au Pair in 7 steps. Check also the specific requirements for the Host Families in each country!

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