Welcome letter to the Au Pair / Host Family

The welcome letter helps to create a great first impression on your future Host Family or Au Pair and give them a better idea of your expectations and personality. 
If you are a Host Family, have a look how to write a “Dear Au Pair” letter, and if you are an Au Pair, make sure to go through our tips regarding “Dear Host Family” letter

Read the most frequently asked questions while writing an Au Pair or a Host Family letter and visit our wiki for detailed information about Au Pair program.

“Dear Au Pair” letter

Try to explain to your prospective Au Pair why would you like to host an Au Pair. Do not forget to give the Au Pair a few reasons why you would be the perfect match. Convince the Au Pair that she/he is going to have a great time with your family!

Below you can find some tips to create a better letter.

Language recommendations

Write your letter using simple words and phrases so even the  Au Pair who has just basic knowledge of the language can understand it.
Whether you are a Host Family or an Au Pair write the letter in a friendly manner. Remember that Au Pair program is a cultural exchange. You are not an employer or employee, thus try to sound natural and cheerful.

Personal introduction 

Make a brief introduction about your family, but do not specify your contact details in the letters. Explain the Au Pair:
  • Who are the parents
  • How many kids you have 
  • What are the kids' ages
  • Are the kids attending the school already
  • What are the kids into 
  • What family activities do you like
  • How do you spend your weekends

Why you would like to host an Au Pair?

Write about your expectations towards your future Au Pair. Why would you like to host an Au Pair? What responsibilities would you like him/her to do? How does a typical day of your family look like? Mention if you have previously hosted an Au Pair or were cooperating anyhow with people from abroad. 

“Dear Host Family” letter

You can start your letter explaining to the family the reasons why you would like  to become an Au Pair. Make sure to emphasize why you would be the perfect future Au Pair. 

Have a look below and find some tips to create a great welcome letter.

Language recommendations

Most of the Au Pairs choose their future host country to learn or improve the language spoken there. If you have a basic knowledge of the language, write your letter in the host country language to show your interest and skills. It is not that important if you make mistakes as long as your text can be understood. Host Families will probably appreciate your effort. In case you don't feel confident about the Host Family's language, write the text in English. You can also add an English translation to the original text to explain the main ideas. 

Personal introduction

Make a brief introduction about you, followed by your interests, hobbies, what you like to do, but do not specify your contact details. Present briefly your family, and describe it! If you have siblings your prospective Host Family would surely love to hear about them.

Why you would like to be an Au Pair?

Many Host Families are really curious about your reasons to become an Au Pair, future plans and goals.
  • What do you expect from this experience?
  • What are your hobbies and interests? 
  • What do you like to do in your leisure time?
  • What do you want to do after your Au Pair stay? 
  • What are your plans for the future?
  • Why do you want to become an Au Pair? 
  • What are your personal motives?
  • Why did you choose that particular country as your future host country?
  • Why should the family host you as the Au Pair?
Host Families usually need a trustworthy person to take care of their children. Why would you be the great choice for a Host Family? Here you can mention your previous international experiences and child care skills you have learned through different activities. At the same time, showing your interest about their lifestyle and traditions is always a plus! You can also let the Host Family know everything you have learned about the host country and why did you choose this country. 
Share your plans after the Au Pair stay as well, maybe this experience will be helpful to achieve your future plans and goals.

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