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Au Pair in Luxembourg: salary, working hours, holidays, etc.

Au Pair in Luxembourg salary
Au Pair regulations slightly differ from country to country. Nevertheless a Host Family and a participant should respect them. In this post, we put up the key information about the Au Pair experience in Luxembourg.

Au Pair responsibilities in Luxembourg

The Au Pair in Luxembourg will be mainly responsible for the child care tasks. For instance, taking the kids to school and extracurricular activities, playing with kids, babysitting. Participants will also have some small responsibilities about the house related to children. It might be folding kids’ clothes, cooking lunch for them or cleaning their room. 
The housework should not include areas of responsibilities not related to children. For example, the Au Pair should not cook meals for the whole family or clean the whole house as he/she is not a cleaning lady. To avoid potential misunderstandings abroad, discuss the responsibilities in advance and write them down in the contract.

Host Family duties

Responsibilities of the Host Family include taking care of the Au Pair: be it accommodation, food, pocket money - which are the mandatory conditions of the program or helping the participant to integrate into the local culture. 
If the participant belongs to a Non-EU country, the Host Family needs to help him/her with all required documentation to get in Luxembourg. 
Does it sound like an experience you would like to have? 

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Working hours

Participants in Luxembourg work for 25 hours per week and a maximum of 5 hours a day. 
The Host Family and the Au Pair should discuss the schedule in advance so the participant can plan her/his time better. If the participant should work some extra hours, the Host Family needs to add these hours as the days off in the future or transform them into additional payment.

Pocket money

According to the official Au Pair program in Luxembourg, the participant will be getting 409,70 Euros on a monthly basis. 
The best option will be opening a bank account in Luxembourg so that the Host Family can transfer the money monthly.

Time off and holidays

Participants in Luxembourg will have one day off per week and at least three free evenings. 
In addition to this, a participant will get a two week paid holiday during a 6-month stay in Luxembourg. If the Host Family invites the Au Pair to join their holidays during the year, clarify whether these days will be working or free time. 
The participant can’t be part of any other paid or independent work during the whole stay in Luxembourg. 



One of the core responsibilities of the Host Family is granting an Au Pair full board and lodging during the whole stay. Even during the Au Pair’s holidays, sickness or days off, he/she should still benefit from the free accommodation and meals. 
As the program is a cultural exchange, Au Pairs will be getting a private room in the Host Family’s home. 

Language course

The Au Pair program gives young women and men the possibility to attend a language course during their stay. It is one of the requirements of the program. The participants can choose one of the official languages of the country to study. 

What else?

  • If the Au Pair is a Non-EU citizen, he/she needs to submit the application to the Ministry of Education in advance. They will decide whether he/she can become a participant or not. 

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