Can a boy become an Au Pair?

The answer is YES! Au Pair is not a gender restricted job so it is possible for boys to find a place in a Host Family. The truth is that it can take much longer for a male Au Pair to be placed, but some families are looking exactly for an elder brother for the kids. 

As a male Au Pair you are free to register, create your profile and start contacting Host Families at There are many families that prefer having a female Au Pair but there are also families that are willing to give guys a chance. It is up to the Au Pair to do his best to persuade the families of his qualifications for the job.

How to choose a suitable picture?
A picture is worth a thousand words! Your picture is the most important component of your profile at Learn more

We recommend you to create a really attractive profile that will convince Host Families to choose you. It is very important to add pictures and provide references in childcare to prove, even to the sceptic families, that you are suitable for the program. 

If you are a Host Family and you are open to host either a male or female Au Pair, we recommend you to encourage boys to write to you as well so they consider you as a potential Host Family. 

How to find a Host Family

  • Create a great profile and be active
  • Add pictures from your life at home
  • Add some childcare references you can prove later
  • Explain why you would like to work as an Au Pair
  • Describe the advantages the family would have hiring you as the Au Pair
  • Use our searching tool to find families with no gender preference
  • Keep in mind that Host Families with boys usually look for a “big brother” for their children so the chances might be higher.
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