Packing tips for your Au Pair experience abroad

Packing for a year abroad might be a little more complicated than you think. You will probably face a different weather, new styles and you obviously want to look great. In addition to it, you will need certain documents during your stay abroad. So what should you take with you? 



You do not want to get to the airport and discover that you forgot your passport or visa at home. The passport is essential to identify yourself and you will need it to board the plane. We recommend you to check if it’s valid not only at the time of traveling but for the whole stay. If you need a visa, be sure that you have it with you. Migration officers will ask for the visa and you will need to transform it into a residence permit. 
Do you need a visa...
... to enter your host country? Depending on your nationality and your target country, the answer may vary! Read more

Host Family’s contact Information:

We suggest having a small card with contact information with you and leaving one back home as a backup. Be sure to take the telephone number and email address so you can communicate with your hosts at any time. In some cases, you might also need this information at the passport control.


Take some cash in case you want to grab some food or need to take a cab. It´s always good to be prepared!

International driving license:

If you have one - take it with you. Even if your family does not require you to drive the licence might be handy in case they need you to use the car.  


Take the Au Pair contract with you. It might be a requisite to open a bank account or to get your residence permit. 

Insurance card: 

In many cases, the family will provide the Au Pair with insurance. Don’t forget to  take a document confirming that during your trip. If the family is not obligated to pay for your insurance you should purchase an international emergency and  travel insurance before the Au Pair stay begins.  
If you are traveling within the European Union apply for the European Health Card and don't forget to take it with you. This will entitle you to some public healthcare and the costs will be covered by the host country. 

Clothing essentials

If you travel from a very warm climate to a cold one or viceversa you probably wonder what should you pack. We have a list of essentials that should definitely be in your luggage:
  1. Jeans (at least 3 pairs)
  2. T-shirts (you can never have enough)
  3. Cardigan
  4. ”Semi Formal” dress
  5. Trainers (Sneakers)
  6. Comfortable shoes for festive occasions, but no high-heels
  7. Summer dress. Keep in mind that it should be appropriate for the Au Pair program
  8. A skirt which you can wear both in spring and autumn
  9. A multifunctional jacket. Extra: winter jacket, warm boots, scarf, bonnet and gloves if your host country has lower temperatures.
  10. Photos of your family, friends and your home
Other essential in your luggage should also be a present for your new hosts. Read more about Host Family present ideas.

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