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Au Pair pocket money - wages overview by country

An Au Pair receives several benefits in exchange for help with the child care. One of these benefits is regular pocket money. This money helps the Au Pair to bear some personal extra costs. As pocket money is one of the Host Family’s expenses, we would like to share approximative rates in different countries. 
The amount may vary depending on the Host Family, the working hours and the host country. If an Au Pair wants to babysit some extra days, the Host Family can give her some extra holidays in the future. 
In addition to pocket money, the Au Pair will get full board and accommodation at the Host Family’s home during the whole stay. This will give both sides the opportunity to experience a cultural exchange. Families may also help their Au Pairs with other expenses like mobile phone, transportation  or allow using their car in free time.
Below you can find a list of the most popular host countries and the Au Pair wages along with the maximum working hours. These rates are official and must be respected. We try to give you the most up-to-date information as possible, but as regulations in your country may change, please do not forget to gather all information from your local authorities as well.

Pocket money - overview by country

Country Hours / week Pocket money / month
Australia 25-30 800-1000 AU$
Austria 18 425,70 €
Belgium 20 450 €
Canada 25 800 CAD
Denmark 30 4050 - 4150 DKK
Finland 30 250 €
France 35 260-320 €
Germany 30 310 € (260 + 50)
Iceland 30 40.000 IKR
Ireland 30 400€
Italy 30 250-300 €
Japan 30 40.000 Yen
Netherlands 30 340 €
New Zealand 40 600-800 NZ $
Norway 30 5000 NOK
Spain 30 200-250 €
Sweden 25 3500 SEK
Switzerland 30 500-750CHF
United Kingdom 30 280 GBP
USA 45 800 USD

Check the country list and the requirements to become an Au Pair or a Host Family. If this is exactly what you are looking for, start searching for your best match at!

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