Age requirements for an Au Pair

The Au Pair program in almost each country has specific age requirements for participants. In most of the countries this age limit is between 17 and 30 years. If you have not attained full age by the time you want to go abroad your parents have to sign the Au Pair contract for you.
Below you can find a short list of the age requirements for Au Pairs in every country: 
Country Minimum age Maximum age
Australia 18 30
Austria 18 30
Belgium 17 30
Canada 18 30
Denmark 17 29
Finland 17 30
France 17 30
Germany 17 30
Ireland 18 27
Italy  18 30
Luxembourg 18 30
Netherlands 18 30
New Zealand 18 30
Norway 18 30
Spain 18 30
Sweden 18 30
Switzerland 17 30
Turkey 18 30
United Kingdom 17 30
USA 18 26

Read more about other Au Pair requirements for participants interested to join the program.

If you do not meet age requirements

Au Pair Agencies accept only applicants who fulfil all the conditions and fit in the requested age range. If you are searching for a Host Family through an online matching agency and you do not need a visa to travel to the host country, it is up to you and the family whether to accept the cooperation. In this case you won't be considered as an Au Pair program participant, but make sure that your agreement is legal in the host country.

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