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Can I become an Au Pair?

Are you looking for an exciting experience abroad, but you are not sure if you are eligible to participate in the Au Pair program? Though each country has specific requirements for participants, there is as well common criteria for participation that we would like to share in this post. 

General requirements for Au Pairs


You need to be at least 17 years old and not older than 30 to apply for the program. Check out the specific age requirements for each country. 

Language requirements

You need to be able to communicate on daily basis with your Host Family. If the host country’s requirements don't state otherwise, usually good command of English or host country's official language is more than enough. Au Pair program is for you to practice a foreign language, so don't worry if you are not fluent, yet!
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If you need a visa to participate in the Au Pair program, you might require a language certificate proving your knowledge. 
You are as well interested to improve your knowledge by attending a language course in the host country. In some Au Pair countries, courses are mandatory. 

Family Status

You don’t have your own children. This is as well one of important criteria to be entitled for a visa. In many countries you need to be unmarried as well. 


You have at least a school diploma (depending on the country). Some Host Families might ask for additional certificates or documents proving your experience in child care. 

Visa (if required)

You must fulfill the requirements of the host country's embassy to be entitled to the Au Pair visa. If you are interested in participating in the Au Pair USA program, check the requirements for J-1 visa.  Read also more information about working holiday visa, which are issued to Au Pairs in several countries. 


You must be able to cover the travel expenses required to reach the host country and get back home, unless you have agreed with your future Host Family on different terms. Though we encourage Host Families to support their Au Pairs with travel costs, this is not a mandatory requirement and totally depends on the family’s decision. 


You are healthy and you don’t smoke. Although smoking is not an official criteria, the chances to find a great Host Family are much higher for non-smoking Au Pairs. 
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You love spending time with kids. As Au Pair duties are mainly related to child care, this experience will be enjoyable for you only if you like taking care of children. Most Host Families expect their Au Pair to have experience in child care. You might have done some babysitting or have worked in a kindergarten or other social institution for a while. The more references you can show, the better you can convince a Host Family.

As an online matching agency we have gathered the most important information about Au Pair experience in the Au Pair Wiki. Check also the specific requirements for each country and our Au Pair FAQ if you have other questions.  

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