Your day as an Au Pair

Having a schedule is definitely important for a successful Au Pair experience. Organizing and respecting each other’s time is essential to prevent possible  future problems and set a routine.
The weekly working routine and the daily tasks should be discussed during the first interview-call between an Au Pair and a Host Family. It is also important to include the working hours and the duties in the Au Pair contract. At we also recommend describing the future schedule in detail.

Au Pair salary and working hours
Depending on the host country the Au Pair is supposed to work a certain number of hours and receive a sum of pocket money. Learn more

What should Host Families and Au Pairs discuss about?

  • Describe the tasks that need to be done
  • Explain the daily plan and babysittings. Although the Au Pair Program requires flexibility it is always better to plan. This way Au Pair and Family can organise their free time or attend some activities (for example a Workshop or have time to discover the city).
  • Define your expectations.
  • Be specific with the duties. Write  “put toys back into the boxes, fold clothes that are lying around and put them back into the cupboard, on Fridays additional vacuuming” rather than “cleaning the kids room”.
  • Clarify when the Au Pair will normally have the free time and which family activities you would like him/her to take part in. 
  • Explain when will the Au Pair have time to attend a language course.
  • Mention the working hours of both Host Parents.
Make sure that the Au Pair understands the expectations and agrees on them. Do not forget that it is always important to communicate to avoid future complications.  

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