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Au Pair in Sweden: duties

Your responsibilities and duties depend on your host families needs. Generally you will be working 5 hours daily.

Your work can be in the mornings and afternoons but this depends on your host family’s daily routine. But there should be enough time to visit a language school. The combination of working hours and classes should not extend 40 hours per week.

Once you arrived in Sweden you should schedule your daily and weekly duties togehter with your host family: Au Pairs are supoosed to take care of the children. However, the Au Pair could perform many different duties.

What can my Au Pair do?

  • The Au Pair will take care of the children
  • The Au Pair will prepare some light meals for the kids
  • The Au Pair will drive the children to and from school
  • The Au Pair will do some light hosework
  • The Au Pair will babysit 

Duties the Au Pair is NOT supossed to do:

  • The Au Pair will not have to take care of children other than the family's
  • The Au Pair will not have to clean the rooms that are exclusively for the host family's use
  • The Au Pair will not have to take care of pets
  • The Au Pair will not have to cook for the whole family

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