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Does the Au Pair need a visa?

The visa requirements vary depending on your citizenship and target country. You need to ask the host country's embassy in your country about the visa requirements for an Au Pair.

The Host Family and the Au Pair should check in advance the visa requirements. If it is not possible to get a visa, both Au Pair and Host Family can move forward to finding their perfect match. You may not match the visa requirements in one country but it doesn't mean you cannot get a visa in another. If this is your case, don't give up!

The future Host Family can call or visit the local registration / immigration office. There they can get detailed information about hosting an Au Pair. It is possible to extend the visa in some cases in the host country. You will need to contact the embassy for further information. 

*USA: to become an Au Pair in the USA, you will need to apply for a J-1 Visa. It can only be issued if you register with any of the sponsor agencies in your home country. 

What documents should I provide to apply for my visa?

If you need to apply for a visa to become an Au Pair, you have to choose the suitable Host Family initially. The host family will provide you with some supporting documents required for your visa.

Visa documents may vary depending on your citizenship and your destination country. Some countries ask the applicants the basic language knowledge to get a visa. Sometimes they need an official certificate as a proof or embassy will test you through an oral exam. 

The Au Pair has to ask the host country's embassy in their home country about the visa requirements. The following documents are required as a rule by the Au Pair when applying for a visa:

  • Valid passport. Visa can't be issued if your passport is not valid at the time of your application. Make sure it will be valid for the whole period of time you are abroad to avoid trouble. 
  • Signed Au Pair contract. The Host Family should fill and print the Au Pair contract (available on They need to send the original to the Au Pair so that he/she can show it at the host country's embassy.
  • Invitation letter from the Host Family. The Host Family should write an invitation letter and send it to the Au Pair. Sometimes the letter will need to be notarized to justify the Au Pair stay in the host country.
  • Certificate of criminal records. The Au Pair should not have any criminal records to be entitled to a visa.

Au Pair letter of invitation

In some cases, the Host Family will need to write an invitation letter for their Au Pair. This document must simply describe the Au Pair duties, the names of the children she/he is going to be taking care of and of course show how glad the family is to have found their match. The letter is normally adressed to the Au Pair in order for him/her to present it at the Embassy in his/her home country.

Dual Citizenship

If someone with a dual citizenship wants to be an Au Pair in the country of the second citizenship, he/she needs to meet the requirements. The process is identical to the other Au Pairs' except visa formalities. The Au Pair needs to register his/her permanent address at the resident´s registration office. Instead of the Visa the Au Pair generally needs to show the second passport. 

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