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Maria Teresa's family from Torino, Italy

Au Pair experience of family Maria Teresa from Torino, Italy

❱ Italy  |  ❱ Finnish Au Pair

We have had 10 au pairs so far, all found through We have generally gotten along very well. We have maintained contact with some of the au pairs and continue to see and hear from them regularly. The au pair experience is a great opportunity for our daughters to learn languages and enrich the family with a different culture. Saga has ❱❱

Diana's family from Pacos de Brandao, Portugal

Au Pair experience of family Diana from Pacos de Brandao, Portugal

❱ Portugal  |  ❱ Slovenian Au Pair

I had the best experience with the website, as I found exactly what I wanted. Also, all the documentation was available to have a good start with the program.

Milly's family from Winchester, United Kingdom

Au Pair experience of family Milly from Winchester, United Kingdom

❱ United Kingdom  |  ❱ British Au Pair

Good au pair matching website which is easy to use and effective in finding an au pair who suits my family’s needs. Au pair is so far settling in well and getting stuck in with my family :)

Junette's family from Tullamore, Ireland

Au Pair experience of family Junette from Tullamore, Ireland

❱ Ireland  |  ❱ French Au Pair

The website is relatively easy to navigate. Fantastic experience with the au pair.

Emanuele's family from Corno Giovine, Italy

Au Pair experience of family Emanuele from Corno Giovine, Italy

❱ Italy  |  ❱ French Au Pair

The experience with is positive, the messaging system is very well done.

Giuseppe's family from Lesmo, Italy

Au Pair experience of family Giuseppe from Lesmo, Italy

❱ Italy  |  ❱ American Au Pair

Easy to find the correct person in charge of our son. In the first days Julia is proving to be exactly as in the interviews done: person with sound principles and values and caring for our son.

Katharina's family from Bad Rodach, Germany

Au Pair experience of family Katharina from Bad Rodach, Germany

❱ Germany  |  ❱ Polish Au Pair

Great experience with our current Au Pair after the first Au Pair was a disappointment. made it much easier for us to get in touch with her and arrange everything in advance so that she felt familiar and safe. Unique experience. Thank you

Nina's family from Bochum, Germany

Au Pair experience of family Nina from Bochum, Germany

❱ Germany  |  ❱ Peruvian Au Pair

Plattform ist very user friendly and service excellent. Claudia proved to be an excellent Aupair - responsible, trustworthy and loving. We have enjoyed Claudias service and company; and we are sad that her time is coming to an end. Happy to recommend the plattform and Aupair Claudia Valeria!

Jesse's family from St. Catharines, Canada

Au Pair experience of family Jesse from St. Catharines, Canada

❱ Canada  |  ❱ German Au Pair

We had the most amazing experience with Laura. She became part of our family and our daughters call her a big sister. We cannot wait for the next experience.

Carmen's family from Barbastro, Spain

Au Pair experience of family Carmen from Barbastro, Spain

❱ Spain  |  ❱ British Au Pair

Excellent! The agency works very well! And the experience with our au pair was wonderful, she was one of the family. We won't forget her! We keep in touch with her!

Silvia's family from Bergamo, Italy

Au Pair experience of family Silvia from Bergamo, Italy

❱ Italy  |  ❱ American Au Pair

Excellent online agency site, satisfactory premium services.

Albert's family from Kumberg, Austria

Au Pair experience of family Albert from Kumberg, Austria

❱ Austria  |  ❱ Brazilian Au Pair

Very hardworking and friendly young lady. Has always taken care of the tasks assigned to her well-behaved and reliable. Unfortunately, comes from a country where children are not taught very much independence and therefore had a bit of trouble with our very independent kids - but overall a great asset & relief in the household!

Anastasia's family from Weinstadt, Germany

Au Pair experience of family Anastasia from Weinstadt, Germany

❱ Germany  |  ❱ Belarusian Au Pair is a cool web-site with a lot of potential AuPairs. It is great tool to find a right person here. We found our first AuPair - Krystsina - very fast. It was a 100% match from the first call. Krystsina is a very responsible, diligent and hard-working young woman and she has a very nice personality. Very fast she become a good friend ❱❱

Irene's family from Lagonisi, Greece

Au Pair experience of family Irene from Lagonisi, Greece

❱ Greece  |  ❱ Spanish Au Pair

I found the site very helpful for searching for candidates and I found several suitable profiles. When we saw Carlota's profile, we were very happy. We had some remote interviews and we knew she was the right candidate. She joined us in February and we were very happy with her - very respectful and tidy, and very caring. She has moved on to take ❱❱

Halley's family from L\'Auberson, Switzerland

Au Pair experience of family Halley from L'Auberson, Switzerland

❱ Switzerland  |  ❱ Swiss Au Pair

We are excited to have found our au pair on this site! Thanks for the opportunity to contact such wonderful, helpful people.

Muhammad's family from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Au Pair experience of family Muhammad from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

❱ Saudi Arabia  |  ❱ South-African Au Pair

Finding an au pair through involves the following easy steps: 1. Registration and profile creation: I created a profile detailing my family, living arrangements, and expectations. 2. Searching and filtering: I searched for au pairs based on desired criteria such as age, nationality, language skills, and childcare experience. ❱❱

Alexandra's family from bovisio masciago, Italy

Au Pair experience of family Alexandra from bovisio masciago, Italy

❱ Italy  |  ❱ Spanish Au Pair

Paula was my first Au pair, the first experience for both of us ☺️ What can I say, my children and we were delighted and felt very good that nowadays we still feel because the babies still miss her ❤️

Marco's family from Varese, Italy

Au Pair experience of family Marco from Varese, Italy

❱ Italy  |  ❱ German Au Pair

The site offers very good features that make the selection easier to do. Alexandra is super friendly and matches our requirement and we look forward to meeting her in few months

Markus's family from Sinzheim, Germany

Au Pair experience of family Markus from Sinzheim, Germany

❱ Germany  |  ❱ Swiss Au Pair

We have already found our 3rd aupair here. The number of candidates is enormous. However, I can recommend everyone to schedule several video calls and to have proof of documents such as a German certificate, passport or, if desired, driving licence. This also applies in particular to an official confirmation of the visa appointment at the ❱❱

Angelina's family from Logatec, Slovenia

Au Pair experience of family Angelina from Logatec, Slovenia

❱ Slovenia  |  ❱ German Au Pair

Another successful experience with the second au pair found on Luise in fact found our family through our host listing, when I had not had time to put much effort into a search. Luise was a much loved addition to our family for 8 months: helpful, considerate, dependable, and invaluable!

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