ID del Au Pair 1413871

Nacionalidad zimbabuense | Más ⇩

Nombre completo Michelle

Ciudad/Provincia Polokwane/Limpopo

País Sudáfrica

Inicio Feb. 2020 - Mar 2020

Duración de la estancia 4-6 meses

Idiomas que domino Inglés (C1)

Última sesión 3 Days Ago

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Carta a la familia

Dear Host Family

Thank you for taking time out to read this letter.

My name is Michelle amd I'm 19 years old. I completed my matric in 2017. I have been staying with my aunt in Zimbabwe since then as my parents live in South Africa with my siblings although they are separated. I visit both parents whenever i do travel to South Africa. I have 4 siblings who live with my mother.

I was born in Botswana and I've lived there as well as in South Africa and Zimbabwe. Traveling to different countries is a very common thing for me as i love to experience new cultures. I consider myself a responsible young adult who is well capable of handling household work and taking care of children. Assisting with homework and whatever else is required of me.

I'm spontaneous and adventurous hence exploring and sightseeing is daily bread for me. Being integrated into a family that is like that would be truly amazing for me. I plan to give you an opportunity to experience my culture, try traditional dishes as well as learn a bit of my language. I'm more than willing to take up a new language.

I would love to be an au pair because i have a background of taking care of children and it would give me an opportunity to visit a country that is out of Africa. It has always been a dream of mine to see what is beyond the border of Africa amd being am au pair would be the perfect chance to explore that.

I've cared for my siblings when they were younger and i still do now. Im also a Sunday school teacher for a class of 2 to 5 year olds. I love how the children bring out the child in me as now that i am a bit older its harder to appreciate the little things when there's so much pressure which is why i appreciate the joy they bring.

You can expect a girl who's happy to make new friends and who enjoys the company of others. Playful as well smart and understands the need to be serious as well. I know how to handle those younger than me as i also have siblings and i can safely say i am a responsible person.

Caring for children I've learnt to be patient, kind and a little tough when the situation demands. Children want you to listen to them and also be listened to so there can be understanding and respect. I've learnt to be more responsible as when you take care of children younger than you it comes in as a handy skill. When i was younger i thought my parents where a little tough but now i realise it was to teach me to be the best version of myself and im grateful for that. I'd be more than willing to pass those values to your children too.

I look forward to seeing you soon
Kind Regards
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Experiencia con niños

I've worked as a kindergarten assistant teacher and as a sunday school teacher at my church these children where between 1-5 years old and i sometimes helped with the pre teens so im well balanced with handling children of different age groups. I've learnt with children that patience goes a long way as well as kindness. i have siblings younger than me therefore i know the benefits of these two qualities. I would like to be an au pair because it would give me a chance to see a different part of the world as well as experiencing different cultures and ways of life. I've always found the way in which others live to be truly exciting as i grew up in two different countries.
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Información personal

No fumaHa realizado un curso de primeros auxilios - SíSabe montar en bicicleta - SíTiene carné/licencia de conducir - Sí, sin experiencia

Sabe nadar

Sabe montar en bicicleta

Tiene carné/licencia de conducir

Tiene hermanos

Tiene un pasaporte válido

No fuma

Ha realizado un curso de primeros auxilios

Ocupación actual Graduado/a

Nivel de estudios Educación Secundaria

Conocimiento básico de Africano (A2)


Religión Cristiana

Para el Au Pair la religión es No es importante

¿Sigues alguna dieta especial? Ningún tipo de dieta

Tiene problemas de salud No

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Información sobre el empleo

Acepta trabajar horas extra por dinero adicional - SíAcepta cuidar a niños con discapacidad - SíAcepta vivir con una familia con mascotas - SíAcepta cuidar a las mascotas - Sí

Duración de la estancia 4-6 meses

Fecha de comienzo Feb. 2020

Fecha límite de comienzo Mar 2020

Acepta cuidar a niños con discapacidad

Acepta cuidar a personas con discapacidad

Acepta vivir con una familia con mascotas

Acepta cuidar a las mascotas

Acepta trabajar horas extra por dinero adicional

Área de preferencia Ciudad grande, Afueras, Ciudad pequeña, Pueblo, Campo

Experiencia con niños o personas al cargo en los últimos 24 meses 500 - 800

Edad preferida de los niños o personas al cargo 1-5 años, 6-10 años, 11-14 años, 15 + años, Personas mayores

Número máximo de niños que podría cuidar 4

Trabajaría con una familia monoparental Sí, con el padre o la madre

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