ID del Au Pair 2215281

Nacionalidad tailandés/a | Más ⇩

Nombre completo Areerut

Ciudad/Provincia Sakonnakhon/

País Tailandia

Inicio Dic. 2023 - Abr. 2024

Duración de la estancia 6-12 meses

Idiomas que domino Inglés (C1), Tailandés (Lengua materna)

Última sesión Hace 10 días

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Carta a la familia

Hello all host families ! I’m a current au pair in Belgium. Im looking for my next host family in Luxembourg and Netherlands. I can start to work with my future family since December 2023!

If you are reading my profile now. Im so honored and appreciate that you are visiting my profile.

If you’re looking for an easy going, opened mind, honest, flexible ,positive person. I’m that person you’re looking for!!!

My name full name is Areerut. My nickname is Nokyung(it means peacock in Thai) but you can call me “Aree”. I’m 23 years old from Thailand. I’m currently an au pair in Belgium now. I’m looking for opportunities to become an au pair again
and part of your family :) I love to learn different cultures and want to share my Thai cultures too!

My personalities

—> I am frank, down to earth,sincere, responsible, honest, humble. As I study in law school, i get many things from my school. Such as I don’t judge people until they are proven. I have to listen to many different comments or ideas . So I don’t judge people too soon.
—> I live in countryside in northeast Thailand. My family is a normal family. We plant the vegetables for our foods or maybe if our vegetables are surplus, my grandmother will bring them to sell in the market. I always help my grandmother plant the vegetables My mom always teaches me that i have to be down to earth. I don’t like expensive things. I’m just a easy-going person.
—> I’m a frank person. Because I don’t like to make things complicated. Everything or every relationship have to be communicated and agreed. Communication brings about to adaptation and being on the same page. So frankly communication is so much important for me.
—> I’m a big sister, I have to do things carefully and responsibly. Because i have to be a good role model for my sister.I’m not a serious or very strict person but I’m a reasonable and funny. I’m happy and optimistic person. I love kids,cats,or other animals.
—> I’m a open minded person. I always jump at the chances. Because I think we only have one live. We have to spend our life. If i have opportunities, i will always do it best.

Please feel free to know more about me as below and I would love to know more about yours as well ;)
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Experiencia con niños

The reason that i want to be an au pair because i want to improve my language skills, want to learn and see different cultures from different countries, i love to play and take care of children. these are my passions. And i have experiences in taking care of children. This is my skill. I think my passion + skill can help me to learn new cultures and can help you to take care of your children. I’m pretty sure I can do it very well and have wonderful time together in one life. Once in a lifetime :)

I expect that my experiences of taking care of children can help you to take care of them. And I want to be a good role model to children.

Even we are not real family, even I’m only a temporary resident for you but I would be very happy to have the good memories together. And take care of your children as best as i can. This is the greatest opportunity for me to become a part of your family :)

Thank you so much. If my profile sounds interesting for you, don’t be hesitant to text me?
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Información personal

No fumaSabe nadar - SíSabe montar en bicicleta - Sí

Sabe nadar

Sabe montar en bicicleta

Tiene carné/licencia de conducir

Tiene hermanos

Tiene un pasaporte válido

No fuma

Ha realizado un curso de primeros auxilios

Ocupación actual Abogado/a

Nivel de estudios Universidad

Language Knowledge

Tailandés: Lengua nativa
Inglés: Avanzado (C1)
Holandés: Principiante (A1)

Deportes  Tennis

Religión Budista

Para el Au Pair la religión es No es importante

¿Sigues alguna dieta especial? Ningún tipo de dieta

Tiene problemas de salud No

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Información sobre el empleo

Acepta trabajar horas extra por dinero adicional - SíAcepta cuidar a niños con discapacidad - SíAcepta vivir con una familia con mascotas - SíAcepta cuidar a las mascotas - Sí

Países prefereridos Luxemburgo

Área de preferencia Ciudad grande, Afueras, Ciudad pequeña

Duración de la estancia 6-12 meses

Fecha de comienzo Dic. 2023

Fecha límite de comienzo Abr. 2024

Acepta vivir con una familia con mascotas

Acepta trabajar horas extra por dinero adicional

Acepta cuidar a las mascotas

Edad preferida de los niños o personas al cargo 1-5 años, 6-10 años, 11-14 años

Horas de experiencia con niños en los últimos 24 meses 200 - 500

Número máximo de niños que podría cuidar 3

Trabajarías con una familia monoparental? Sí, con la madre

Acepta cuidar a niños con discapacidad

Acepta cuidar a personas con discapacidad

Edad de los estudiantes

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Sobre mí

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