ID del Au Pair 1616685

Tutor para Inglés, Música, Deporte

Nacionalidad azerí | Más ⇩

Nombre completo Gunash

Ciudad/Provincia Sumgait/

País Azerbaiyán

Inicio Sep. 2020 - Dic. 2020

Duración de la estancia 10-12 meses

Idiomas que domino Ruso (B1), Inglés (C1), Azerí (Lengua materna), Turco (Lengua materna)

Última sesión Hace 6 horas

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Carta a la familia

Dear Host Family,
My name is Gunash which means (Sun).I am a young woman from Azerbaijan and I want to became an Au Pair for your family. To introduce myself ,I am writing to tell about myself and my experiences with children.
Here in Azerbaijan I live together with my parents and my younger sister Masuma (12) and my older brother Musphiq (26). I come from a little city,named Sumgait located near the Caspian Sea about 31 kilometres (19 miles) away from the capital, Baku.
We are living in a house with a garden.My dad does not work,he is retired person and my mum was a teacher for kids at the kindergarten.But now she does not work.However she does not work but she cares the babies which are them her nephews and nieces.I love the kids like my mum.I think it became from my mum to me.
My family is very important for me.I love them all very much,we spend a lot of time in communication,events and trips villages.
Also it is very important for me that they support my future plan to be an Au Pair. Since 2 years I have been dreaming to getting an Au pair.
I would describe myself as an easygoing,friendly,organized,loyal and faithful person.Also sense of responsibility is very important for me.I am a helpful person,who laughs very often and reliable and caring person, who tries to make the best out of every situation. I like spending time with my friends; they are – as well as my family – very important to me. Always trying to help, I’m always there for them if they need me.
I graduated university last year.This period I am teaching English private course which named Miracle. This is my advantage for as an Au Pair.
In my free time,I play the piano,reading many books,dancing,swimming,listening classic musics.And also I like to cook and bake .Afterthat I love to play with our little neighbor children.
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Experiencia con niños

I enjoy always,when I together with children,it makes very much fun,to talk,laugh and play with them.
I made my greatest experience with children as a teacher assistant in our “Course ‘s camp”.
When somebody was ill I took care of him/her, because I got one semester first aid lesson at the university. There I had very much fun with the children, we danced, sang .

At this moment I know,I want to be an Au pair,because I love children and I am also English teacher. I am keen on teaching kids and enjoying with them.This is one of the best chance for me live together with them and have a very good relationship to them.Also I want to improve my English skills and learn something about the American culture and folkways.And now I hope my dream comes true.
I hope we can develop a good relationship, working and living together as a family. I would be very happy to experience an eventful year with you and your kids. I am looking forward to talking to you.
Yours sincerely,
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Información personal

No fumaHa realizado un curso de primeros auxilios - SíSabe montar en bicicleta - Sí

Sabe nadar

Sabe montar en bicicleta

Tiene carné/licencia de conducir

Tiene hermanos

Tiene un pasaporte válido

No fuma

Ha realizado un curso de primeros auxilios

Ocupación actual Profesor/a

Nivel de estudios Universidad

Conocimiento básico de -

Deportes  Fitness

Religión Musulmán

Para el Au Pair la religión es Importante

¿Sigues alguna dieta especial? Dieta especial

Tiene problemas de salud I have allergies some dusty things and some perfumes.And I don't like eating apple even someone eats apple I am feeling strange.So I don't like this fruit.

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Información sobre el empleo

Acepta trabajar horas extra por dinero adicional - SíAcepta cuidar a niños con discapacidad - SíAcepta vivir con una familia con mascotas - SíAcepta cuidar a las mascotas - Sí

Área de preferencia Ciudad grande, Ciudad pequeña

Duración de la estancia 10-12 meses

Fecha de comienzo Sep. 2020

Fecha límite de comienzo Dic. 2020

Acepta vivir con una familia con mascotas

Acepta trabajar horas extra por dinero adicional

Acepta cuidar a las mascotas

Edad preferida de los niños o personas al cargo 0-12 meses, 1-5 años, 6-10 años, 11-14 años

Experiencia con niños en los últimos 24 meses 10-50

Número máximo de niños que podría cuidar 2

Trabajaría con una familia monoparental Sí, con la madre

Acepta cuidar a niños con discapacidad

Acepta cuidar a personas con discapacidad

Enseñan las siguientes asignaturas Inglés, Música, Deporte

Edad de los estudiantes Bebés (0-1), Niños (2-3), Preescolares (4-5), Escuela primaria (6-12)

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