ID de la familia: 3096793

Niños: 2 Niños, 6-10 años

Necesita Tutor para: Inglés

Puede involucrar a las niñas en: Asistencia con las tareas, Lectura de libros

Ciudad: Ningbo / Ciudad grande | Más ⇩

Nombre Yolanda

Región Zhejiang

Código postal Sólo usuarios Premium

Inicio del empleo: Ene. 2025 - Dic. 2025

Duración de la estancia: 1-12 meses

Última sesión: Hace 21 días

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Carta al Aupair

Dear Future Au Pair and Tutor,

We are a family from Ningbo, China. We have four boys. Edison is the eldest, he is studying in the University of Toronto right now. Jay R is in Year 9 and excellent in English and Math. 8 years-old CJ is in Year 3, he loves math, science and handcrafting. 6 years-old Daniel is the youngest, he is fascinated by country names and flags, Chinese poems and calligraphy, and loves to teach our Au Pairs writing Chinese characters. You will spend the most time with CJ and Daniel to help them learn English, play with them and join in activities with them.

All of the boys, including my husband Charlie, play tennis. While I practice yoga two to three times a week. During the weekend, we take kids to attend tennis class, rock climbing class and swimming class. We also go to parks, beach side or hike in mountains when the weather is nice. We normally have a movie night at home every week or go to movie theater sometime. We travel couple times a year, especially during summer break and winter break, and we'd love to take you with.

Ningbo is a big city with long history located on the east coast of China, and it takes only 2 hours by train to Shanghai. Our family lives in a three-story penthouse in downtown. You will have a private room with attached bathroom and study area. Looking out of the window you will see two malls across the street, a park and a museum not far away. There are bus stations outside of the neighborhood, and subway stations one block down. There are several universities nearby that you may apply for the language lessons. One of our previous Au Pair studied in Zhejiang Wanli University, which is about 25 minutes away by bus.

There are quite a few sight spots you can visit within 1 hour. From our home, it takes about 15 minutes to Tianyi Ge, which is the oldest existing private library in China; 30 minutes to Dongqian Lake, which is located in eastern Ningbo with beautiful scenery; 40 minutes to Beilun Port, which is one of the largest ports in the world; and 1 hour to Xuedou Temple and Xuedou Maintain, which is a perfect place for hiking! There are more places you can explore in downtown and countryside.

So far, we have hosted 8 Au Pairs from different countries. Some of them become really close friends of us that we still contact with. One American girl came back to visit us twice during her summer breaks. And a Spanish girl came back to stay with us for another year while she was studying in a nearby university. We are looking forward to having you in our family as an Au Pair and friend.

Sincerely Yours,
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Descripción del trabajo

- You will read English books with CJ and Daniel every day (except day off), at least for 30 minutes with each of them.
- You will assist CJ and Daniel doing English homework and help them learn English properly.
- We will be happy if you can communicate with them, play with them, and get involved in their daily activities as much as possible.
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Acerca de la familia

Mascotas No

Viven en Ciudad grande

Edad de los padres 35-50

Familia Monoparental No, somos una pareja

Nacionalidad chin/a

Idiomas que se hablan en casa Chino, Inglés

Religión Ninguna

Importancia de la religión No es importante

Profesión Empresario / Contador

Cantidad de personas que viven en la casa 5

Número de hijos, sexo y edad 9 año Hombre
7 año Hombre

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Requisitos del trabajo

Cantidad de horas laborales semanales 30 - 35

Dinero de bolsillo del Au Pair, Tutor Presencial (mensual) 500 USD

Sexo preferido Mujer

Duración de la estancia 1-12 meses

Fecha más pronta de inicio Ene. 2025

Fecha límite de inicio Dic. 2025

Buscando Au Pair y Tutor Presencial

Edad de los niños/personas al cargo del candidato 6-10 años

Número de niños/personas al cargo del candidato 2

Experiencia requerida (en horas) 200+

Necesitamos un tutor que pueda enseñar Inglés

¿Qué edad tienen los estudiantes que el Tutor debe enseñar? Escuela primaria (6-12)

Necesitamos asistencia y apoyo en

Nacionalidad preferida Americano, Australiano, Britiánico, Canadiense, Inglés, Irlandés, Neozelandés, Escocés, Singapurense, Galés

Conocimiento del idioma
 Inglés, Minimum Lengua nativa
- o -
 Inglés, Minimum Bilingüe (C2)

Nivel de estudios preferido Universidad

Dispuesto a pagar gastos de viaje -

Edad preferida 18-30

Dispuesto a aceptar candidato fumador No

Debe cuidar personas con discapacidad No

Debe cuidar de las mascotas No

Debe saber nadar No

Debe saber montar en bicicleta No

Puede asistir a un curso del idioma

Requiere conocimientos de primeros auxilios No

Debe conducir No

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Descripción de la familia

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Alojamiento del Au Pair

You will have a private room with attached bathroom and study area. You can access to Wi-Fi, kitchen and laundry facilities. Foods for 3 meals are provided, but you may have to cook breakfast and lunch by yourself.
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