ID de la familia: 1335405

Niños: 2 Niños, 1-5 años

Ciudad: 连云港 / Ciudad grande | Más ⇩


Región 江苏省

Código postal Sólo usuarios Premium

Inicio del empleo: Jun. 2019 - Abr. 2020

Duración de la estancia: 10-12 meses

Última sesión: 14 Oct 2019

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Carta al Aupair

Dear you,
I am a young mother with two kids,my husband is Italian Chinese,and we moved from Europe to China three years ago,in order to develop my business. We really hope our babies could grow up in a multilingual environment,so we insist talking in English,Italian,and Chinese with the baby. Now my elderly daughter is 3,she is very adorable and smart,and we often go traveling with our foreign friends,but I still feel that an English native speaker would be of great help if he/ she can spend more life with us.
As I mentioned,we have many foreign friends here,and we love traveling,so if you can come,we would invite you to travel in many Chinese or Asian cities together,and you can also have many friends come from different countries,living with us would be quite interesting.
What's more,my husband and I both have postgraduate degrees,if you have studied in the university,or if you have your unique method to explore the world,I believe our babies can achieve much more in their childhood,and you can also enter a new world that would for sure enlighten you,cuz this is what we are experiencing.
Last,we can help you to learn Chinese,with this language,you will enjoy your life in this country better. If you are also good at art,or dancing,or literature,or education…I hope you can be a teacher or activity-designer in my company. We can pay you extra salary.
We are a lovely and humorous family,and LianYunGang is a beautiful seaside city,near Shanghai and Nanjing. Hope you can have meaningful experience with us.
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Descripción del trabajo

1. English native speaker or can talk like a native speaker,no strong accent
2. Patience for kids.
3. Graduated or at least studied in university,bachelor degree,higher degree would be better.
I started up a company with a group of young people in my hometown,Currently I am looking for an au pair for my family,and also an English teacher for my company. The teacher needs to teach kids English,but in a very practical way,for example,if we study food,we hope the teacher can go to supermarket or have dinner together with kids to learn expressions about food and eating. If we learn musical instruments,our teachers will take the instrument to class or take kids to listen to a cocert. In other words,most classes would be very creative and close to life. That’s why,English speakers with art, or science,or drama or other backgrounds would all be welcome here,cuz we hope to make the best use of your talent and experience,to create a new method of language teaching. And we also hold English activities here for foreigners and Chinese local residents who are interested in English and making friends. We have activities like hiking,outdoor starry night movie,international dinner,paint ball games,and tasting local yummy food and write introductions for more foreigners who are living here.
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Fotos adicionales

Acerca de la familia

Mascotas No

Viven en Ciudad grande

Edad de los padres 20-35

Familia Monoparental No, somos una pareja

Nacionalidad chin/a

Idiomas que se hablan en casa Chino, Italiano, Inglés

Religión Ninguna

Importancia de la religión No es importante

Profesión 汽车行业管理人员

Cantidad de personas que viven en la casa 5

Número de hijos, sexo y edad Joy,3,girl

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Requisitos del trabajo

Fecha más pronta de inicio Jun. 2019

Fecha límite de inicio Abr. 2020

Duración de la estancia 10-12 meses

Buscando Au Pair y Niñera

Edad de los niños/personas al cargo del candidato 1-5 años

Número de niños/personas al cargo del candidato 2

Experiencia requerida (en horas) Sin preferencias

Necesitamos un tutor que pueda enseñar

¿Qué edad tienen los estudiantes que el Tutor debe enseñar?

Necesitamos asistencia y apoyo en

Sexo preferido Sin preferencias

Nacionalidad preferida Americano, Australiano, Britiánico, Canadiense, Danés, Holandés, Inglés, Filipino, Francés, Alemán, Irlandés, Italiano, Neozelandés, Polaco, Sudáfrica, Español, Suizo, Galés

Conocimiento del idioma Bueno

Nivel de estudios preferido Universidad

Cantidad de horas laborales semanales 25 - 30

Paga mensual 1200 USD

Dispuesto a pagar gastos de desplazamiento 愿意

Edad preferida 18-40

Dispuesto a aceptar candidato fumador No

Debe cuidar personas con discapacidad No

Debe cuidar de las mascotas No

Debe saber nadar No

Debe saber montar en bicicleta No

Puede asistir a un curso del idioma

Requiere conocimientos de primeros auxilios No

Debe conducir No

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Descripción de la familia

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Alojamiento del Au Pair

We have an apartment with three rooms,big enough to live or eat together. We have another house with a garden,you can live by yourself.
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