ID de la familia: 1636664

Niños: 1 Niños, 0-12 meses

Ciudad: London / Ciudad grande | Más ⇩

Nombre Dominique

Región Greater London

Código postal Sólo usuarios Premium

Inicio del empleo: Ene. 2021 - Feb. 2021

Duración de la estancia: >1 año

Última sesión: Hace 16 días

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Carta al Aupair

We are Dominique, Sascha and Leopold, a German family living in London. My husband and I have lived in various different places and we love to travel, meet new people from different backgrounds and cultures. We have a beautiful and cozy family home in South West London, in an area that is residential yet vibrant and very close to the city center.
We both work in the Software industry and even though our family is most precious to us, we are also dedicated to our careers. This is why we are looking for a kind and patient au pair who loves spending time with children and has experience in looking after very young children. Our little son Leopold will be 1 year old by the time I return to work full time. He is kind and energetic but will need a caregiver who is responsible and is happy to look after him 5 days a week while we are at work. He would also love to learn English from you, as we mostly speak to him in German at home. :-)
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Descripción del trabajo

If you join our family as an au pair, your number one priority will be to look after our little son Leopold, who will be 1 year old by the time we would like you to start. He is a kind and loving boy but of course still very young so he will need a lot of attention and a full time caregiver, 5 days a week, 10-12 hours a day as we are both working full time and have quite demanding jobs. We will pay you a fixed salary (pocket money) for these hours that we can discuss individually depending on the total weekly hours. Occasionally, we will also require you to look after him in the evenings, if we happen to both have work commitments on a week night. Weekends are reserved for family time (although occasionally we may need to do a few hours of work), so you have the weekends off and can explore London and the surrounding areas.
When we go on holiday, we will of course also give you this time off as a holiday as well while still paying you your agreed weekly/monthly salary.
We don't expect you to do any cleaning but would appreciate if you can help with light housework such as food shopping, laundry, cooking dinner for Leopold and keeping his room and things tidy.
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Fotos adicionales

Acerca de la familia

Mascotas No

Viven en Ciudad grande

Edad de los padres 30-45

Familia Monoparental No, somos una pareja

Nacionalidad alemán/a

Idiomas que se hablan en casa Inglés, Alemán

Religión Ninguna

Importancia de la religión No es importante

Profesión Ventas / Jefe de ventas

Cantidad de personas que viven en la casa 3

Número de hijos, sexo y edad 10 months, male

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Requisitos del trabajo

Debe saber nadar - SíDebe saber montar en bicicleta - SíRequiere conocimientos de primeros auxilios - SíDebe conducir - Sí

Fecha más pronta de inicio Ene. 2021

Fecha límite de inicio Feb. 2021

Duración de la estancia >1 año

Buscando Au Pair y Niñera

Edad de los niños/personas al cargo del candidato 0-12 meses

Número de niños/personas al cargo del candidato 1

Experiencia requerida (en horas) 50-100

Necesitamos un tutor que pueda enseñar

¿Qué edad tienen los estudiantes que el Tutor debe enseñar?

Necesitamos asistencia y apoyo en

Sexo preferido Sin preferencias

Nacionalidad preferida Americano, Australiano, Britiánico, Canadiense, Inglés, Alemán, Neozelandés, Sudáfrica

Conocimiento del idioma Bueno

Nivel de estudios preferido Sin preferencias

Cantidad de horas laborales semanales 40 - 45

Paga mensual 85 GBP

Dispuesto a pagar gastos de desplazamiento -

Edad preferida 25-65

Dispuesto a aceptar candidato fumador No

Debe cuidar personas con discapacidad No

Debe cuidar de las mascotas No

Debe saber nadar

Debe saber montar en bicicleta

Puede asistir a un curso del idioma No

Requiere conocimientos de primeros auxilios

Debe conducir

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Descripción de la familia

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Alojamiento del Au Pair

We live in one of the best, most international, vibrant and exciting cities in the world - London has so much to offer and we live close to the city center. The area we live in is in the Southwest of London, very close to the river and nice parks, cafes, shops, restaurants and has excellent transport links (tube, bus and river taxi) to all areas in London.
We live in a beautiful residential, yet vibrant area with a lovely garden and a great park nearby. If you stay with us as an au pair, we will give you a warm welcome and want you to feel comfortable and as part of the family. You will get your own good sized bedroom and own bathroom on the top floor of the house.
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