au pair

Empleos de Niñera y cuidado infantil disponibles en Palencia, España

Empleos de Au Pair, Niñera y Cuidado de personas mayores en baltanas, Palencia, España durante 1-3 meses

1-3 meses Ene. 2020 - Sep. 2020 2 Niños baltanas (Pueblo) 325 EUR por mes

BUSCAMOS AUPAIR PARA 2020 A continuación, puede leer cartas de números anteriores: Hello, This's Bxtxl I was the family's aupair of fall 2019. I can say that during my aupair experience, I felt like home. The family was so nice and the kids were so cute. Only in two and a half months I got used to them a lot that I felt really sad when leaving the town. If I should talk about the kids, they are really smart ones. Telmo understands and speaks English really well and he's only 6 ...