ID del Au Pair 1979836

Nacionalidad español/a | Más ⇩

Nombre completo Julia

Ciudad/Provincia Castellón de la Plana/ Castellón

País España

Inicio Ene. 2022 - Feb. 2022

Duración de la estancia 12-12 meses

Idiomas que domino Inglés (C1), Francés (B1), Español (Lengua materna), Catalán (Lengua materna)

Última sesión 04 Dic. 2021

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Carta a la familia

Hello! I am Julia.
I am 22 years old and I am from Valencia. I am the older of two siblings and I grew up in a small town called Caudiel. I have just graduated from Audiovisual Communication and I would love to work as an au pair in Scotland, as it is a country that has always fascinated me.
I love music, movies, and spending time outdoors.
At first sight, I may look like a shy person. However, I like to interact with different people to see new places and learn. I am very observant and detailed.
I love spending time with my loved ones, I am always proposing plans and activities to have a good time. Another of my personal characteristics is that I love to laugh and make people laugh.
Music has always been part of my life and I always carry a musical instrument with me. I play the piano, the flute, the ukulele, and I also sing.
In my family, I am the eldest granddaughter and I have always taken care of my cousins and my brother, because I am a responsible person and I love the company of children.
My brother is two years younger than me and my cousins (who are like sisters to me) are 11 and 14 years old. The four of us are very close and we love each other very much.
My whole family lives in the town where I grew up, so we almost live together. Every week my grandparents hold a family meal, and, also, my cousins always come to my house to watch movies or to play games.
My mother is a teacher at a high school and my father works in the office of a company that sells motors for refrigeration appliances
I currently live in Valencia, but I have lived in Castellón for the past 4 years, where I have studied my career and where I have shared an apartment with those who have become my best friends. My apartment was the place where we always met for dinner or to study, because I love inviting people to my place. If you ask my roommates, they will tell you that I have a little obsession with cleanliness and order, because although I like to have fun, I am always picking up and cleaning.
I also have friends in my town and in the surrounding towns, people with whom I have gone to school and with whom I have grown up. I am part of the music band of my town. There, you can find from adolescents to the elderly, with whom, if it were not for the music, I would never have spoken.
I have just finished my university degree in audiovisual communication. I have always been interested in cinema and history, so telling stories and communicating with other people is something that I am good at. To me, communication is one of the most important aspect in life and that is why I consider languages ​​to be vital as well. I know how to speack in english, french and spanish.
I studied piano for 10 years at a music conservatory, I have been studying transverse flute since I was 7 years old and I have been taking singing lessons for 4 years. I also play the ukulele, although I am self taught.

My vaccination schedule is complete and I am allergic to horse hair and cat hair. Although if the cat does not enter my room, it should not be a problem. Regarding my diet, I prefer not to eat meat. I eat a lot of vegetables and fish.
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Experiencia con niños

Most of my experience working has to do with children. I have been teaching music to children since I was 16 years old, so I am used to dealing with them also more seriously (although I like to propose games in class so that they do not get bored and learn in a more fun way).
I also have experience working in an audiovisual production company, in the writing and production department of a television program.
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Información personal

No fumaSabe nadar - SíSabe montar en bicicleta - SíTiene carné/licencia de conducir - Sí, con experiencia

Sabe nadar

Sabe montar en bicicleta

Tiene carné/licencia de conducir Sí, con experiencia

Tiene hermanos

Tiene un pasaporte válido

No fuma

Ha realizado un curso de primeros auxilios

Ocupación actual Desempleado/a

Nivel de estudios Universidad (grado)

Language Knowledge

Español: Lengua nativa
Inglés: Avanzado (C1), Desde 17 Año
Catalán: Lengua nativa
Francés: Intermedio (B1), Desde 6 Año

Deportes  Gym, dancing and rollerblading

Religión Ninguna

Para el Au Pair la religión es No es importante

¿Sigues alguna dieta especial? Ningún tipo de dieta

Tiene problemas de salud No

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Información sobre el empleo

Acepta trabajar horas extra por dinero adicional - SíAcepta cuidar a niños con discapacidad - SíAcepta vivir con una familia con mascotas - SíAcepta cuidar a las mascotas - Sí

Países prefereridos (máximo 5) Reino Unido

Área de preferencia Ciudad grande, Ciudad pequeña, Pueblo

Duración de la estancia 12-12 meses

Fecha de comienzo Ene. 2022

Fecha límite de comienzo Feb. 2022

Acepta vivir con una familia con mascotas

Acepta trabajar horas extra por dinero adicional

Acepta cuidar a las mascotas

Edad preferida de los niños o personas al cargo 0-12 meses, 1-5 años, 6-10 años, 11-14 años

Horas de experiencia con niños en los últimos 24 meses 50-100

Número máximo de niños que podría cuidar 3

Trabajarías con una familia monoparental? Sí, con el padre o la madre

Acepta cuidar a niños con discapacidad

Acepta cuidar a personas con discapacidad

Edad de los estudiantes

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Sobre mí

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