ID del Au Pair 1440964

Nacionalidad estadounidense | Más ⇩

Nombre completo Ruth

Ciudad/Provincia Washington/ District of Columbia

País Estados Unidos

Inicio Ene. 2020 - Ene. 2021

Duración de la estancia >1 año

Idiomas que domino Español (Native), Inglés (Native)

Última sesión 4 Days Ago

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Carta a la familia

Dear Host Family,

Hello! My name is Ruth, and I am really looking forward to meeting you all and becoming part of your family! I am eager to learn your language and culture, as well as share my culture and language with you. I honestly enjoy working with children and I have wanted to travel around the world for many years, so becoming an au pair abroad would be super exciting for me. I am of Hispanic/ Latina background. Both English and Spanish are my native language, and I am excited to share the diversity of the United States with you.

I come from a family of 8 children and I am the second to last child. We love sports, reading, traveling, cooking and gaining new experiences. We also love animals and have always shared our home with a pet. We value family and were taught the virtues of honoring one's parents, as well as respecting elders. My siblings and I love nature and loved to play outside as kids. We frequented the park, zoo, and museums. We also love road trips and would periodically hop into the car and visit other states.

I would be a great au pair because I am a fast learner and do my work with integrity. I am honest and committed in everything that I do and never leave things half-finished. I believe that your children will like me because I love to have fun and am creative. I give my all to my work and aspire to create an environment that is safe and ideal for their well being. I enjoy watching them grow and helping them reach their milestones/goals. When I join your family I hope to not just be your employee, but a special new family member.

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Experiencia con niños

My mother was a nanny, so I started caring for babies and children at a very young age. I began to care for children professionally after high school at the age of 18. I took classes with the American Redcross and became certified and licensed in childcare and CPR & First Aid. I have since the age of 18 worked with many different families as a babysitter or nanny. I have cared for newborns, infants, toddlers, and school-aged children. I am experienced with different forms of child rearing and parenting styles.

I was also the head teacher of Sunday school and taught diffrent classes for kids of age two to twelve years of age. Additionally I worked in the church's nursery caring for babies of different stages.

I would like to become an au pair abroad because I believe that there is so much to learn from other cultures that would help me grow as a person. I believe that cultural exchange makes you a wiser person and broadens one's understanding of the world. I also really love children and working with them. I have had such a fun and positive experience with the families that I have worked with and being a nanny. Working as an au pair abroad would be an exciting and fulfilling opportunity.
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Fotos adicionales

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Información personal

No fumaHa realizado un curso de primeros auxilios - SíSabe nadar - SíSabe montar en bicicleta - Sí

Sabe nadar

Sabe montar en bicicleta

Tiene carné/licencia de conducir

Tiene hermanos

Tiene un pasaporte válido

No fuma

Ha realizado un curso de primeros auxilios

Ocupación actual Niñera

Nivel de estudios Universidad (grado)

Conocimiento básico de Japonés (A1)

Deportes  Basket ball, soccer, cycling, badminton, swimming

Religión Otra

Para el Au Pair la religión es No es importante

¿Sigues alguna dieta especial? Intolerancia a la lactosa

Tiene problemas de salud No

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Información sobre el empleo

Acepta trabajar horas extra por dinero adicional - SíAcepta cuidar a niños con discapacidad - SíAcepta vivir con una familia con mascotas - SíAcepta cuidar a las mascotas - Sí

Área de preferencia Ciudad grande, Afueras, Ciudad pequeña, Pueblo, Campo

Duración de la estancia >1 año

Fecha de comienzo Ene. 2020

Fecha límite de comienzo Ene. 2021

Acepta vivir con una familia con mascotas

Acepta trabajar horas extra por dinero adicional

Acepta cuidar a las mascotas

Edad preferida de los niños o personas al cargo 0-12 meses, 1-5 años, 6-10 años, 11-14 años, 15 + años,

Experiencia con niños en los últimos 24 meses 800 +

Número máximo de niños que podría cuidar 4

Trabajaría con una familia monoparental Sí, con el padre o la madre

Acepta cuidar a niños con discapacidad

Acepta cuidar a personas con discapacidad

Asignaturas favoritas

Edad de los estudiantes

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