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británico/a Nacionalidad
Familia Anfitriona en Reino Unido

Trabajo de Au Pair en Stotfold, Hertfordshire Reino Unido durante 7-9 meses en la familia de Joshua

ID de la familia: 792906

Niños:: 1 Niños:, 6-10 años

Ciudad: Stotfold / Ciudad pequeña

Región Hertfordshire

Código postal Sólo usuarios Premium

Inicio del empleo: Sep. 2018 - Sep. 2018

Duración de la estancia: 7-9 meses

Última sesión: 20 Hours Ago

9 172 100%

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Carta al Aupair


I believe the best I know the person that will come to live in my house, the better the experience will be for everyone over the time here. I know my profile is a bit long, but I am sure you will benefit from having a lot of information available before considering committing to a single-parent household. Thank you for your time, I hope we have an amazing experience together with my daughter and pets.

I have a very open-minded lifestyle (please don't confuse it with libertine, I am actually very strict and disciplined). Please read all the sections in my profile - I am sure that will guarantee the best investment of your time and mine. Also if you are going to apply, don't be shy, I understand it is a difficult decision to contact a family, but please send some questions to start (my first message back if it is blank will be if you have any questions). Please, no time wasters!

I have had au pairs since Oct 2013, I am a single parent family with a 9-year-old girl and a few pets; for your clarity, highlights about us are:
- Strictly NON-SMOKERS, no exceptions;
- I expect transparency, and to show not only interest about our lifestyle but also to see that your lifestyle is compatible - basically, honesty, NO SECRETS!
- Don't apply just because you just created your profile and think decisions will be fast, it wastes your time and mine;
- If you need to speak to your boyfriend/mother/family to make a decision, please do BEFORE applying to be my au pair, it is a waste of your time and my time otherwise;
- If you suffer from cat allergies, dog allergies, Ailurophobia (cat phobia), Cynophobia (dog phobia) or addiction to extreme late night social networking, we are, unfortunately (and most definitely!) not the family for you;
- If you are too busy for to reply (work/school/exams), wait until you have time, telling me of your interest and after disappearing doesn't mean I can wait for you to have time;
- Contact with previous au pairs will be provided only if we decide that we are right for each other; if you are not sure, please don't apply;
- Due to previous bad experiences, my daughter is currently not involved in this process (you will meet her when you arrive, but you will see all the social media updates if we have contact);

Who are the ideal au pairs?
- readers, artists and musicians,
- seeking time to study but also balance new experiences in a foreign country,
- independent and self-motivated,
- open-minded,
- introverted,
- conversationalists;

Who are not?
- party animals,
- visibly lazy and disorganised,
- too dependent or codependent,
- extremely shy or too conservative,
- people escaping their current life

I was born in Costa Rica (also don't send me messages in Spanish), but have lived in the UK for over 15 years. Because of my personal circumstances (one week with child/one week without) I think I am best suited for someone that has the need to have a lot of time for further studies or hobbies (reading, writing, painting, etc) and has a fairly (*VERY*) independent, organised and disciplined personality, someone interested in sports (gym, cycling) is ideal. Plus it is important to like dogs and cats!

Regarding the study of English, the closest course (Cambridge English exam / English as a Second Language) starts in September is usually best suited, and runs all the way to June of the following year. According to the website: you do not have to pay course fees if you are between 16 and 18 years old and have been living in the UK or an EU country for three years prior to starting your studies.
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Acerca de la familia

Mascotas - Sí


Viven en Ciudad pequeña

Edad de los padres 30-45

Familia Monoparental Sí, padre soltero

Nacionalidad británico/a

Idiomas que se hablan en casa Inglés, Español

Religión Ninguna

Importancia de la religión No es importante

Profesión Technology Sales

Cantidad de personas que viven en la casa 2

Número de hijos, sexo y edad 9 / Female

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Requisitos del trabajo

Debe saber nadar - SíDebe saber montar en bicicleta - SíRequiere conocimientos de primeros auxilios - Sí

Fecha más pronta de inicio Sep. 2018

Fecha límite de inicio Sep. 2018

Duración de la estancia 7-9 meses

Buscas Au Pair

Sexo preferido Mujer

Nacionalidad preferida Americano, Argentino, Australiano, Austriaco, Búlgaro, Canadiense, Chileno, Estonio, Finés, Flamenco, Francés, Alemán, Húngaro, Islandés, Israelí, Italiano, Japonés, Letón, Neozelandés, Noruego, Polaco, Portugués, Romano, Eslovaco, Esloveno, Español, Sueco, Suizo

Conocimiento del idioma Suficiente

Experiencia requerida (en horas) Sin preferencias

Nivel de estudios preferido Sin preferencias

Edad de los niños/personas al cargo del Au Pair 6-10 años

Número de niños/personas al cargo del Au Pair 1

Cantidad de horas laborales semanales 15 - 20

Paga mensual 310 GBP

Dispuesto a pagar gastos de desplazamiento no

Edad preferente 17-21

Dispuesto a aceptar Au Pair fumador No

Debe cuidar de personas con discapacidad No

Debe cuidar de las mascotas

Debe saber nadar

Debe saber montar en bicicleta

El Au Pair puede asistir a un curso del idioma

Requiere conocimientos de primeros auxilios

Debe conducir No

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Descripción de la familia

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