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Lama, 25岁,经理来自黎巴嫩寻找互惠生 & 保姆 澳大利亚, 加拿大, USA, 英国的工作

阿拉伯语, 英语 八月 2022 - 十二月 2022 (24-24 月) 非常积极的回应
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hi family!! My name is Lama i am 25 years old.iam from Lebanon a middle eastern country known for its beautiful nature and amazing natural scenes. My parents live there in mountains! i have a Masters degree in management and marketing from Lebanese university.

Caroline, 31岁,会计来自黎巴嫩寻找互惠生 & 保姆 埃及, 约旦, 科威特, 卡塔尔, 沙特阿拉伯的工作

阿拉伯语, 英语 十月 2021 - 九月 2022 (13-24 月) 平均回复
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Ghaidaa, 30岁, 叙利亚人, 护士现居住在黎巴嫩搜索保姆 & 老年人看护在德国, 印尼, 意大利, 荷兰, 土耳其的工作

阿拉伯语, 英语 九月 2022 - 十二月 2022 (24-24 月) 平均回复
Ghaidaa不抽烟 Ghaidaa有急救认证 Ghaidaa会骑自行车 Ghaidaa可以照顾宠物

Hello, I am Ghaida from Syria, and I currently live in Lebanon with my family.. I have volunteered with many important humanitarian organizations such as MSF from 2015 until 2020, and with Save the Children, INTERSOS, UNHCR and others, so I decided to enter the nursing profession and changed my field of study from media to nursing I am looking for a family that takes care of...

Ranim, 31岁,教师来自黎巴嫩寻找家庭教师 & Online Tutor 科威特, 卡塔尔, 阿拉伯联合酋长国, 阿曼, 沙特阿拉伯的工作

阿拉伯语, 英语, 法语 九月 2022 - 十月 2022 (10-12 月) 新注册
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Dear Host family, I am Ranime Nafeh from Lebanon. I am highly knowledgeable in Biology and the tutoring methods and I have free time in which I can be available for you to help. I have 7 years experience in Biology teaching and tutoring and I can make a difference in your children learning journey.

Sultan, 35岁,艺术家来自黎巴嫩寻找保姆 & 老年人看护 德国, 荷兰, 瑞典, 瑞士, 英国的工作

英语, 阿拉伯语 八月 2022 - 十月 2022 (17-12 月) 新注册
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Amal, 29 year from 黎巴嫩 can assist and support elderly in 做饭, 简单的家务活, 打扫 & 洗衣

阿拉伯语, 英语, 法语 八月 2022 - 十月 2022 (10-24 月) 新注册
Amal不抽烟 Amal有急救认证 Amal会游泳 Amal会骑自行车 Amal可以照顾宠物

Hello.. I am Amal.. I am a nurse and I live in Lebanon. I worked as a caregiver for elderly patients since I came to Lebanon I am currently looking for a job outside Lebanon because of the difficult life here. I work as a family member, and I feel the patient is one of my parents. Thank you.

Dounia, 21岁,教师来自黎巴嫩寻找互惠生 & 保姆 澳大利亚, 奥地利, 巴西, 加拿大的工作

阿拉伯语, 英语, 法语 十一月 2022 - 十二月 2024 (24-24 月) 新注册
Dounia不抽烟 Dounia有急救认证 Dounia会骑自行车 Dounia可以照顾宠物

Iman, 47岁,医生来自黎巴嫩寻找保姆 & 老年人看护 澳大利亚, 比利时, 加拿大, 法国, USA的工作

阿拉伯语, 英语, 法语 八月 2022 - 十月 2022 (10-12 月) 新注册

Diana, 24岁, 肯亚人, Insurance -motor assessment现居住在黎巴嫩搜索互惠生 & 保姆在塞浦路斯, 直布罗陀, 马耳他, 黑山, 新加坡的工作

Swahili, 英语 十一月 2023 - 十二月 2024 (12-24 月) 新注册
Diana不抽烟 Diana可以照顾宠物

Reem, 33 year from 黎巴嫩 can assist and support elderly in 做饭, 简单的家务活, 打扫 & 洗衣

阿拉伯语, 英语 十月 2022 - 十二月 2022 (12-12 月) 新注册
Reem不抽烟 Reem会游泳

Hello.. My name is Reem and I'm 33 years old . I'm a single mom and I was wondering if you are still looking for a caregiver. If yes, I want to let you know that I take my work seriously. Not only in a formal way but also in a Humanitarian way as I tend to put my heart and soul in anything I do . And I truly care about others. Regards, Reem


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