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住在澳门的 互惠生,保姆,老年看护 - 第1页


聘请 27岁 菲律宾人 互惠生 & 保姆 Rea 来自Macau, 澳门 想在丹麦, 挪威, 西班牙, USA, 法国工作, Preferred Start: 十二月 2020 - 一月 2021 for >1年

保姆 Filipino, 英语 十二月 2020 - 一月 2021 >1年 非常积极的回应
非吸烟者 不是急救认证 不能游泳 可以骑自行车

Dear Host Family, Hello Ma'am/Sir. My name is Rea from Philippines but currently working here in Macau as nanny/helper for a year. I am taking care of two girls, a 7years old and a 5years old girl. I want to be part of your family, I want to take care of you kid/s. I love playing with kids, singing nursery rhymes, reading books and so much more. For me children represents my childhood. I have a happy and...

聘请 23岁 摩洛哥人 互惠生 Bouchra 来自Maroc, 澳门 想在德国工作, Preferred Start: 四月 2021 - 四月 2022 for >1年

美发师 阿拉伯语, 德语, 英语 四月 2021 - 四月 2022 >1年 新注册
非吸烟者 急救认证 不能游泳 可以骑自行车

聘请 36岁 菲律宾人 保姆 Mary Ann 来自Taipa, 澳门 想在芬兰工作, Preferred Start: 六月 2020 - 八月 2021 for 10-12个月

家务助理 Filipino 六月 2020 - 八月 2021 10-12个月 新注册
非吸烟者 急救认证 不能游泳 可以骑自行车

My name is Mary Ann Granil from the Philippines, married and have 3 children. I want to work as a nanny because I want to take care kids with their family. I am a good worker, me my self is a mother of 3.I been working in Hong Kong as a baby sitter, 4years old, In Hongkong I take care the house, I clean ,I wash dirty clothes and I cook (my boss teach me to cook their kind of


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