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Claire, 25岁,管理人员来自澳大利亚寻找互惠生 USA, 英国的工作

英语 十一月 2021 - 三月 2022 (4-6个月) 平均回复
Claire不抽烟 Claire有急救认证 Claire会游泳 Claire会骑自行车

Sophie, 20岁,学生 - 社会科学来自澳大利亚寻找互惠生 法国, 德国, 荷兰, 瑞典, 英国的工作

英语 一月 2021 - 一月 2022 (4-6个月) 平均回复
Sophie不抽烟 Sophie有急救认证 Sophie会游泳 Sophie会骑自行车

Hi! My name is Sophie and I am a 19-year old (soon 20-year old) student from Melbourne, Australia. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Laws/International Relations at university. I have extensive experience with children as I am a Swimming Instructor (over 2 years experience), as well as a junior girls basketball coach which I have been doing for over 6 years. I have...

Jaeda, 20岁,保姆来自澳大利亚寻找互惠生 & 保姆 加拿大, 法国, 爱尔兰, 苏格兰, 英国的工作

英语, 法语 八月 2019 - 十二月 2021 (10-12个月) 平均回复
Jaeda不抽烟 Jaeda有急救认证 Jaeda会游泳 Jaeda会骑自行车

Hi, thank you for taking the opportunity to review my profile! If you’re interested, please feel free to contact me. If there’s some small things that don’t match your needs (duration of stay, starting date), please message me and I will let you know if it can be changed! My name is Jaeda and I have lived in Australia for my entire life. I have been taught to approach...

Emily, 19岁,学生来自澳大利亚寻找互惠生 法国的工作

英语, 法语 三月 2021 - 四月 2022 (4-6个月) 平均回复
Emily不抽烟 Emily有急救认证 Emily会游泳 Emily会骑自行车

I am a fun loving, caring and responsible student from Sydeny, Australia who enjoys looking after and being around children. I am currently in the middle of my degree at uiversity studying sport and exercise science and am an active person. I hope to bring a fun, safe and exciting energy to your family and I look forward to experiencing life with

Michelle, 20岁,保姆来自澳大利亚寻找互惠生 & 同居帮助者 瑞典的工作

英语, 南非语, 法语 一月 2022 - 四月 2022 (10-12个月) 平均回复
Michelle不抽烟 Michelle有急救认证 Michelle会游泳 Michelle会骑自行车

Emilie, 26岁,出纳员来自澳大利亚寻找互惠生 德国的工作

英语, 德语 九月 2021 - 十月 2021 (10-12个月) 非常积极的回应
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Jessica, 32岁,人力资源来自澳大利亚寻找互惠生 & 保姆 英国的工作

英语 二月 2020 - 十二月 2021 (>1年) 平均回复
Jessica不抽烟 Jessica没有急救认证 Jessica会游泳 Jessica会骑自行车

Hello, I’m Jess, I’m a 30 year old Australian female moving to the UK in March 2020. I’m looking for au pair work while I’m over in the UK for two years. I love kids and would be able to look after them both in the mornings, helping to get them ready and take them to school and after school, picking them up, helping with afternoon tea and doing some fun activities in...

Ella, 17岁,高中学生来自澳大利亚寻找互惠生 & 保姆 加拿大, USA, 英国的工作

英语, 法语 一月 2021 - 十二月 2022 (>1年) 新注册
Ella不抽烟 Ella没有急救认证 Ella会游泳 Ella会骑自行车

Hello, I am Ella. I am a motivated young lady ready to explore this big world! I am loyal and trustworthy, I know how to follow instructions and have a passion for helping others. I look forward to hearing from you.

Charlie, 20岁,保姆来自澳大利亚寻找互惠生 & 保姆 法国, 希腊, 意大利, 日本, 科索沃的工作

英语 五月 2021 - 十月 2021 (1-3个月) 平均回复
Charlie不抽烟 Charlie有急救认证 Charlie会游泳 Charlie会骑自行车

Hi, I currently working as a nanny for a family of seven with five kids ages ranging from 18 months - 13 years old and I created a profile as i am curious about becoming an au pair before I decided to accept my offer at

Zoe, 26岁, 中国人, 儿童护理员现居住在澳大利亚搜索互惠生 & 保姆在芬兰, 瑞典, 英国的工作

中文, 英语 九月 2021 - 十月 2021 (10-12个月) 平均回复
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