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Abrar, 24岁,Fitness instructor来自巴林寻找互惠生 & 保姆 加拿大, USA的工作

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Dear Host Family,
 thank you for taking the time to read my letter. I'm very happy that I have this opportunity to become an Au Pair and Nanny for your child or children, I want to do it for helping people. Also I'm glad to understand that I can meet new people, see another country, culture, and find new family and friends for me. I am sure that I will adapt to the new...

Jeramie, 40岁, 菲律宾人, 保姆现居住在巴林搜索保姆 & 老年人看护在意大利, 马耳他, 新西兰, 瑞士, 英国的工作

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Hello to everyone I’m Jeramie I’m 39 years old currently working as a nanny and tutor here in Bahrain. I’m a child friendly person kids love me because I’m playful and funny, I love art’s and craft , I love baking and cooking and because I’m here in Arab country I know a lot of work from housekeeping to plumbing to gardening. I love kids and kids love me I treat...

Latifa, 27岁,来自巴林寻找互惠生 & 家庭教师 奥地利, 德国, 意大利, 瑞士, 英国的工作

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Beatrice, 27岁, 肯亚人, Assistant现居住在巴林搜索互惠生 & 保姆在加拿大的工作

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Am Beatrice from Kenya am applying for this job so I will be able to support my family and better my self..

Merveille, 46岁, 喀麦隆人, 厨师现居住在巴林搜索保姆在巴林, 沙特阿拉伯的工作

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Joann Marie, 49岁, 菲律宾人, Domestic Helper现居住在巴林搜索保姆 & Online Tutor在法国, 德国, 意大利, 波兰, 西班牙的工作

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Rubaba, 26岁, 加纳人, 医疗助理现居住在巴林搜索互惠生 & 保姆在奥地利, 德国, 卢森堡, 巴林的工作

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***** I HAVE MY PASSPORT ***** *****MY GERMAN LEVEL IS A2***** ***** AND I ALSO HAVE MY A1 CERTIFICATE FROM GOETHE**** Dear family, I hope you are doing well. I would like to take this Opportunity to introduce myself to you as I want to be part of your family. I am 26 years old and the 3rd child out of 4 children. I had a lot experience with children because as the 3rd born...

Kristine, 31岁, 菲律宾人, 司机现居住在巴林搜索保姆在德国, 爱尔兰, 意大利, 卢森堡, 荷兰的工作

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Hi im Kristine, I want to be an aupair because I want to experience to take care of kids. To the family who will host me I can assure you I can take care your kids like my owns kids because I don’t know if I can have still children in the future. I know I’m qualified base on my experiences how I take care my friends kids I’m loving the kids like my own

ALICE, 33岁, 肯亚人, 家务助理现居住在巴林搜索保姆在巴林, 芬兰, 波兰, 瑞典, 英国的工作

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Alice is a down to earth and mostly values honesty and trust. I am a passionate worker and a malty task person. I can manage my work well both in being nanny and doing house chores.Alice at all cost likes a clean and tidy surroundings. So hiring Alice will automatically gurantee my host family a clean haven..

VERONICAH, 26岁, 肯亚人, 服务员女服务员现居住在巴林搜索互惠生 & 老年人看护在加拿大, 德国, 波兰, USA, 英国的工作

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