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Au Pairs, Granny Au Pairs and Nannies from Puerto Rico are looking for a Host Family. Find Au Pairs without an Au Pair agency.

Administration Oct 2019 - Dec 2019 >1 year Average response
Nyamayaro is a Non-Smoker

Meet Nyamayaro (24) from Select, who is enthusiastic about working as Au Pair. The applicant has already finished Select... . Nyamayaro is fluent in . The applicant is able to speak at a basic

Student - High School Spanish Nov 2019 - Dec 2019 1-3 months Very active in response
Kattiria is a smoker Kattiria hasn't got a first aid certification Kattiria can swim Kattiria can ride a bike

Hi, My name is Kattiria. I am a master student in professional counseling. My mother had a pre-Escolary I always collaborated with her coordinating summer

Student - Social Science English, Spanish Jul 2020 - Aug 2021 >1 year New registered
Naomy is a Non-Smoker Naomy has got a first aid certification Naomy can swim Naomy can ride a bike

It would be a great honor for me to be allowed to know your customs and culture through the care of the children in your family, with my charisma and creativity I hope to be of...

Student Spanish, English, French May 2020 - Aug 2020 1-3 months Very active in response
Maria Jose is a Non-Smoker Maria Jose hasn't got a first aid certification Maria Jose can swim Maria Jose can ride a bike

My name is Maria and I'm from a beautiful little island in the Carribean, Puerto Rico. I am currently studying Theatre Arts and French in Drew University in Madison, New Jersey. I...

Student - Social Science English, Spanish Dec 2019 - Dec 2019 >1 year Very active in response
Sue Ellen is a Non-Smoker Sue Ellen has got a first aid certification Sue Ellen can swim Sue Ellen can ride a bike

Hi! My name is Sue, I'm a 22 year old puertorrican that has just finished her Bachelor's degree. I'm the second oldest of five brothers so you can imagine I have my fair share of...

Student - High School English, Spanish Sep 2019 - Sep 2020 >1 year New registered
Jessica is a Non-Smoker Jessica hasn't got a first aid certification Jessica cannot swim Jessica can ride a bike

We are happy to introduce Jessica from Puerto Rico, who interested in working as Nanny & Caregiver for elderly. The Au Pair has finished College and currently works as Student - High School. Jessica knows perfectly well English, Spanish. The Au...

Student Spanish, English, Italian Oct 2019 - Dec 2019 1-3 months Active in response
Elena is a Non-Smoker Elena hasn't got a first aid certification Elena can swim Elena can ride a bike

Ciao, sono Elena e sono al mio secondo anno di antropologia all'Università di Puerto Rico. Trovo affascinanti le culture diverse e adoro vedere come vivono gli umani in modi...


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Gemma's family from United Kingdom
Great overall experience. We found Sarah quite quickly as the website works very effectively. Sarah has been an amazing au pair for us. Unfortunately, she will go back to Australia in October to start..
Fate's family from Germany
Many au pairs don't know the requirements for being an au pair in germany. Also a lot of especially tue philipino Girls think they can support their families with the pocket money they will get, howe..
Tonia's family from France
AUPAIR.COM GOOD! My aupair a bit secluded and cold.
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