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Nanny/ Quality Contrl IQC 普通话, 英语 十二月 2019 - 三月 2020 >1年 非常积极的回应
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Hello there everyone I hope you will like my profile, I am here to contribute my skills and knowledge in caring of childrens. As my previous child care. Expect that i will do my...

student who is taking gap years 英语, 中文 十月 2019 - 一月 2020 10-12个月 新注册
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hi there, My name's Shirley, who is 21 years old and currently taking her gap years, and looking for possible opportunities in Europe. Due to the fact i am planing to study in...

保姆 Filipino 十月 2019 - 一月 2020 10-12个月 非常积极的回应
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Dear Host family, Hello I'm Mylen fernadez 26yrs old a Filipino from Philippines currently working here in Taiwan as caregiver,my contract here well end soon. We are big...

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hi, im debbie babas, seperated with 3 children. 1 boy and 2 girls. i graduated as bachelor of science in nursing. i currently working as a factory worker here in taiwan. im...

工厂员工 英语, Filipino 十二月 2019 - 一月 2020 >1年 新注册
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Dear Ma'am and Sir, I am looking forward to meet you and person and be part of your family as your Aupair. I would love to play with your kids and take care of them cause...

保姆 英语, 英语, 普通话, 英语, 英语 一月 2020 - 一月 2021 >1年 非常积极的回应
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英语老师 中文, 英语 十一月 2019 - 二月 2020 7-9个月 新注册
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工厂员工 英语 十二月 2019 - 二月 2020 >1年 平均回复
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Dearest Host family,I am looking forward to be a part of your humble home, i am going to give my best and to work beyond your expectations as an Au Pair and do my responsibilities...

工厂员工 英语 五月 2019 - 六月 2020 1-3个月 新注册
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My expectation about the host family that consider me as member of the family and have a good relationship with them and my host family i expectation from me is i can do a work...


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2017年9月3日,Ana Sofia将在我们的家庭开始一个保姆。我们期待着它。 非常感谢你。
珍妮弗是一个伟大的人,非常善良和乐于助人。 她是一个热情的女人,非常负责任和关怀。 如果需要,她总是在那里,对待孩子们很棒。 她非常有能力独自教育和与孩子一起玩耍,做饭,整理。 她思想开朗,随和,开朗..