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Lyra Mhay, 25, philippinisch, derzeit in Thailand, sucht Au Pair & Nanny Jobs in Dänemark, Island, Niederlande, Norwegen, Schweden

philippinisch Au Pair
Filipino, Englisch, Thai Jul. 2021 - Dez. 2021 (>1 Jahr) Sehr aktiv
Lyra Mhay ist Nichtraucher Lyra Mhay hat ein Erste-Hilfe-Zertifikat Lyra Mhay kann schwimmen Lyra Mhay kann Fahrrad fahren Lyra Mhay has videoLyra Mhay has references

Dear future host family, I am Lyra Mhay Caberto Barril, 25 years of age, and I was born and raised in the Philippines. I am working as an English teacher here in Bangkok, Thailand, for more than two years now. I teach kids from K3-G6, ranging from 5-16 years old. Learning new things is my greatest motivation. I believe learning is a life-long process, it should never...

Amonrut, 25, Animal sciencein, aus Pasang, Thailand, sucht nach Au Pair in Dänemark, Deutschland, Niederlande, Norwegen, Schweiz

thailändisch Au Pair
Thai, Englisch Jun. 2021 - Sept. 2021 (>1 Jahr) Sehr aktiv
Amonrut ist Nichtraucher Amonrut hat kein Erste-Hilfe-Zertifikat Amonrut kann nicht schwimmen Amonrut kann Fahrrad fahren Amonrut has references

Hello my future host family. My name is Amonrut Saosinght. I’m 25 years old. I’m graduated form faculty of agriculture in animal science and aquatic animals at Chiang Mai University. After I graduated I decided to join work and travel program in USA for 4 months.I’m patient, flexible, friendly, be a kind person and I love animals. I live in Lamphun with my family. My...

Sirinapa ist Nichtraucher Sirinapa hat kein Erste-Hilfe-Zertifikat Sirinapa kann nicht schwimmen Sirinapa kann Fahrrad fahren

Hi I am Noon, I am 25 years old, Live in Thailand. I am a primary teacher in Bangkok, have been working for 2 years already. now I want to get new experiences and learn new things, new culture. Ready to go In February 2022. If you’re interested in my profile don’t hesitate to contact with

Tuansarfa, 23, Verwaltungsangestelltein, aus Muang, Thailand, sucht nach Au Pair in Niederlande, Norwegen, Schweden, Schweiz, USA

thailändisch Au Pair
Thai, Englisch Jul. 2021 - Dez. 2022 (10-12 Mon.) Sehr aktiv
Tuansarfa ist Nichtraucher Tuansarfa hat kein Erste-Hilfe-Zertifikat Tuansarfa kann nicht schwimmen Tuansarfa kann Fahrrad fahren

Hello My name is Tuansarfa. I'm 23 years old, I'm Thai and now I'm living in Bangkok. I love to cook. I can drive, I have a driving license. I have many experiences with children in many different of ages, I always feel happy when I'm staying or playing with them although the children are naughty and stubborn, I still love to play with them. The reason why the candidate...

Kawintida ist Nichtraucher Kawintida hat ein Erste-Hilfe-Zertifikat Kawintida kann schwimmen Kawintida kann Fahrrad fahren

Dear future host family, My name is Kawintida but my foreign friends call me Katie. I would love to be a part of your family and take care of your children for experience with children and to explore Europe, cultures and people. I have always wanted to go to Europe. In my opinion, Europe is the most beautiful continent. I would love to explore and learn the different...

Sasiwimon, 23, Assistant Teacherin, aus Songkhla, Thailand, sucht nach Au Pair in USA, Belgien, Deutschland

thailändisch Au Pair
Thai, Englisch Apr. 2021 - Dez. 2021 (10-12 Mon.) Sehr aktiv
Sasiwimon ist Nichtraucher Sasiwimon hat kein Erste-Hilfe-Zertifikat Sasiwimon kann schwimmen Sasiwimon kann Fahrrad fahren Sasiwimon has video

Dear my future host family. Welcome to my profile and thank you for vitsit me. I am very happy to tell you that you are welcome to ask any questions you might need to know about me. Let's me introduce myself my name is Sasiwimon, you can call me Glory(gloy). That's my nickname in Thai. I was born in Sonkhla, Southern Thailand. I am about 23 years old this...

Warissara, 22, Studentin, aus Kranuan, Thailand, sucht nach Au Pair & Nanny in Niederlande, Norwegen, Schweden, Schweiz, USA

thailändisch Au Pair
Thai, Englisch Okt. 2021 - Okt. 2021 (10-12 Mon.) Neu registriert
Warissara ist Nichtraucher Warissara hat ein Erste-Hilfe-Zertifikat Warissara kann nicht schwimmen Warissara kann Fahrrad fahren

Hello! You can call me Sundew. I’m a last year student who is about to graduate soon. My major in English. Now, I’m volunteering as a teacher for stateless kids in rural area in Thailand. I have been loving kids for my entire life. I’ve been taking care of all the kids in my big family, my neighbour and now many more kids in school! I love it so badly that I would like...

Agnes ist Nichtraucher Agnes hat ein Erste-Hilfe-Zertifikat Agnes kann nicht schwimmen Agnes kann Fahrrad fahren

Hi! My name is Agnes Sison.I am a licensed professional teacher from the Philippines and currently teaching in Thailand. I want to become a nanny or tutor to earn a living to support my family. My job as a teacher here in Thailand is not enough for my children's education. Although I don't have any experienced being a nanny but being a hands on mom for three kids would be...

Pim, 23, Physiotherapeutin, aus Chiang Mai, Thailand, sucht nach Au Pair in USA

thailändisch Au Pair
Thai, Englisch Mai 2021 - Jun. 2021 (10-12 Mon.) Sehr aktiv
Pim ist Nichtraucher Pim hat ein Erste-Hilfe-Zertifikat Pim kann schwimmen Pim kann Fahrrad fahren

I’m Pim, 23 years old from Thailand. I’m friendly, polite, open minded and flexible. I’m also an independent person who love to explore world, learn and exchange new cultures, and love seeing myself getting older with the new exciting experiences. The reasons I want to be an Aupair are because I love being with kids and always feel happy and relaxing when spend time with...

Chanakan ist Nichtraucher Chanakan hat kein Erste-Hilfe-Zertifikat Chanakan kann schwimmen Chanakan kann Fahrrad fahren

Dear Host Family, Sawasdee jao (It's Hello in Thai northern language. ^^) Greetings from Thailand. Thailand land of smiles :) My name is Chanakan Salapan or you can call me Patty. I am 23 years old and I come from Chiang Mai, Thailand. Actually my hometown is Chiang Rai. Chiang Rai is the northernmost province of Thailand filled with the atmosphere of a complex mountain...


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