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Physician Turkish, Russian, Turkmen Nov 2019 - Dec 2019 10-12 months Very active in response
Dilfuza is a Non-Smoker Dilfuza has got a first aid certification Dilfuza can swim Dilfuza can ride a bike

Ich habe mein Medizinstudium abgeschlossen. nach dem abschluss kam sie in die türkei und schaute sich bisher kinder an. Ich arbeite seit 9 Monaten in einer Familie mit 3

Student - High School Oct 2019 - Dec 2021 >1 year Very active in response
Ханзада is a Non-Smoker Ханзада hasn't got a first aid certification Ханзада can swim Ханзада can ride a bike

My dear future family. My name is Hannah. I will be very glad to get to know you better and to help you with children and, with petty homework. I love children very much and...

Biologist English, Russian, Turkish Dec 2019 - Dec 2020 10-12 months Very active in response
Tawus is a Non-Smoker Tawus has got a first aid certification Tawus can swim Tawus can ride a bike

Я хотел бы дать информацию о себе как можно больше. Я вырос в обычной семье. Мои родители учили...

Childminder Turkmen Oct 2019 - Nov 2019 >1 year Very active in response
Анна is a Non-Smoker Анна hasn't got a first aid certification Анна cannot swim Анна can ride a bike

Меня зовут Анна. Мне 18 лет. Закончила 11 лет специализированной школы с уклоном на изучение языков....

others Turkmen, Turkish, Russian, English Dec 2019 - Dec 2021 >1 year Active in response
Aynur is a Non-Smoker Aynur hasn't got a first aid certification Aynur cannot swim Aynur can ride a bike

Hello dear host family! My name is Aynur. I'm 24 years old girl. I live with my family in the capital of Turkmenistan which is Ashgabat. I graduated secondary school and I have...

Student English, German, Russian Oct 2019 - Dec 2019 10-12 months Average response
Nadezhda is a Non-Smoker Nadezhda hasn't got a first aid certification Nadezhda can swim Nadezhda can ride a bike

Меня зовут Надежда. У меня есть два брата 10 и 17. Я очень люблю проводить с ними время, а так же...

Artist Russian, English, Turkmen Oct 2019 - Dec 2019 >1 year Very active in response
Дарина is a Non-Smoker Дарина has got a first aid certification Дарина can swim Дарина can ride a bike

Здравствуйте. Меня зовут Дарина. Мне 21 год. Я очень люблю животных ,искусство и спорт. Хочу увидеть...

Administration Oct 2019 - Dec 2019 >1 year Average response
Nyamayaro is a Non-Smoker

Meet Nyamayaro (24) from Select, who is enthusiastic about working as Au Pair. The applicant has already finished Select... . Nyamayaro is fluent in . The applicant is able to speak at a basic

Teacher Russian Dec 2019 - Jan 2020 >1 year Active in response
Jemal is a Non-Smoker Jemal has got a first aid certification Jemal can swim Jemal cannot ride a bike

Hallo, Liebe Gastfamilie. Ich heisse Jemal. Ich komme aus Turkmenistan, aber ich wohne in Russland, Wolgograd. Ich bin 23 Jahre alt.Ich bin studentin der Padagogischen Hochschule...

Student Turkish, Russian Oct 2019 - Jul 2020 10-12 months Average response
Muhabbat is a Non-Smoker Muhabbat hasn't got a first aid certification Muhabbat can swim Muhabbat can ride a bike

Guten Tag, liebe Gastfamilie. Ich bin Muhabbat, 23 Jahre alt, Ich komme aus Turkmenistan, zur zeit in Zypern. Ich habe studiert im Russland. Linguist von Beruf. Ich möchte bei...


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Federica's family from Italy
It has been a great experience. Thank you Friederike we are all so grateful. We miss you, your sweetness and your generosity. You have been really a great help for me and an elder sister for the girls..
Hannah's family from United Kingdom
I found quite easy to navigate and like the search functions. We are looking especially for a German speaking Au-pair for example and it is easy to select and communicate. The young lady ..
Viola's family from Germany
we're very happy with our Au-pair and the way we've found her on this platform.
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