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Thembelihle 来自Bulawayo, 津巴布韦, 聘请 22岁 互惠生 & 保姆 想在奥地利, 德国工作, Preferred Start: 七月 2020 - 八月 2020 for 10-12个月

保姆 英语, 德语 七月 2020 - 八月 2020 10-12个月 非常积极的回应
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互惠生世界。通讯 布拉瓦约 津巴布韦 2020年3月14日 申请Au...

Shantel 来自Harare, 津巴布韦, 聘请 21岁 互惠生 & 住在帮助中 想在奥地利, 德国, 列支敦士登, 卢森堡, 瑞士工作, Preferred Start: 七月 2020 - 十月 2020 for 10-12个月

保姆 英语, 德语 七月 2020 - 十月 2020 10-12个月 非常积极的回应
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Dear host family .My name is shantel Sabengana I'm 20 years of age. I come from Zimbabwe . I'm a fun person to be around i love playing with children,I'm a down to earth person a naturalist and can easily make friends and adapt to a new environment .I come from a family of 3 and I'm the first born child . Usually when my mother is at work i take care of my siblings . I'm honest friendly and mostly ...

Nomalungelo 来自Harare, 津巴布韦, 聘请 23岁 互惠生 & 保姆 想在德国工作, Preferred Start: 十二月 2020 - 二月 2021 for >1年

Preschool Teacher 英语, 德语 十二月 2020 - 二月 2021 >1年 非常积极的回应
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您好亲爱的寄宿家庭 我叫Nomalungelo Ncube,今年24岁。 我来自津巴布韦,拥有丰富的儿童保育背景。我目前在当地一所私立学校担任学前班老师的工作突显了这一点。 我出于与孩子们一起工作的热情而自愿参加。 我几乎可以执行所有家务活。 我想成为互惠生,这样我就可以一起学习新的文化和语言。...

Patricia 来自Harare, 津巴布韦, 聘请 32岁 保姆 & 老年人看护 想在爱尔兰, 挪威, USA, 英国, 新西兰工作, Preferred Start: 八月 2020 - 十二月 2020 for 10-12个月

失业的 英语 八月 2020 - 十二月 2020 10-12个月 非常积极的回应
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I am Patricia Cement , Looking for new opportunity in different nations and a new career to grow .I would really appreciate a candidate to host me so that i will be able to reach my goals. I understand that the position you’re hiring for , you’re looking for someone with strong process, improvement skill, identifying gaps and creativity efficiencies, overall due to my strong background and achievements, i am...

Rutendo 来自Rusape, 津巴布韦, 聘请 21岁 互惠生 想在德国工作, Preferred Start: 一月 2020 - 十二月 2020 for 10-12个月

Not above 英语 一月 2020 - 十二月 2020 10-12个月 非常积极的回应
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I have written to you so that you know me better. My name is Rutendo Tigere. I am a girl aged 21. I live with my parents. I am in a family of 4 children. There is my brother who is 27,my little sister 17and my favourite and best friend my little brother who is 6years. My little brother is still going to kindergarten. I am the one who usually woke up and get him ready for kindergarten. I am the one who helps...

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My name is colleen,I an a 25 year old female. I am interested in this job because i love children. I come from a big family with a couple of siblings younger than me so i have taken care of them. I have also taught at a nursery once and i ended up forming a great bond with the children. Also i would like to travel and explore places while I'm still

Sharon 来自Bulawayo, 津巴布韦, 聘请 21岁 互惠生 & 保姆 想在法国, 德国, 意大利, USA, 阿拉伯联合酋长国工作, Preferred Start: 六月 2020 - 十二月 2021 for >1年

学员 英语 六月 2020 - 十二月 2021 >1年 非常积极的回应
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Hello Host family, earnestly waiting to be part of your amazing family. I am a 21year old responsible lady who is very eager to learn and adapt to new environments, acquiring new knowledge and giving back. Being an au pair to your family to me is a responsibility that i can take as a task which one does with an honest and warm personality. Children need to be understood and be sorrounded by love always. My ambitions...

Rebecca Rumb 来自Harare, 津巴布韦, 聘请 20岁 互惠生 想在德国, 荷兰工作, Preferred Start: 十月 2020 - 二月 2021 for 10-12个月

服务员女服务员 英语, 德语 十月 2020 - 二月 2021 10-12个月 新注册
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I'm Rebecca born 15 February 2000 I'm 20 years

Thandi 来自Bulawayo, 津巴布韦, 聘请 23岁 互惠生 & 保姆 想在德国, 爱尔兰, 阿拉伯联合酋长国, 英国工作, Preferred Start: 六月 2020 - 七月 2020 for 10-12个月

学员 英语, 德语 六月 2020 - 七月 2020 10-12个月 新注册
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Dear Host Family/Liebe Gaste Familie My name is Thandi L Ncube. Am 21 years old. I was born and raised in Bulawayo (second largest) of Zimbabwe. I come from a family of six, three boys and two girls, am the last born. I was raised by a single parent, my father passed away when I was five years old. I stay with my mom, my niece and my nephew. I finished high school in 2014 and recently enrolled for a course under...

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亲爱的未来主持人 我叫Charlene...


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