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Jessica, 26岁,教师来自加拿大寻找互惠生 法国的工作

英语, 法语 四月 2022 - 五月 2022 (1-3个月) 非常积极的回应
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你好! 我的名字是杰西卡,我热衷于与孩子们一起工作。我目前正在加拿大多伦多大学攻读教学硕士学位。我喜欢户外活动、尝试新活动和探索新地方。我从小就和家人说法语,但我的语言技能肯定可以用一些工作!在我完成课程后,我正在寻找一个 1-3...

Marie-Anne, 25岁,保姆来自加拿大寻找互惠生 & 保姆 爱尔兰, 冰岛, 挪威, 英国, 法罗群岛的工作

法语, 英语 十一月 2021 - 五月 2022 (4-6个月) 非常积极的回应
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Chelsea, 23岁,学生来自加拿大寻找互惠生 澳大利亚, 意大利, USA, 西班牙, 美国本土外小岛屿的工作

法语, 英语, 西班牙语 一月 2022 - 一月 2022 (1-3个月) 积极响应
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Hello! My name is Chelsea. I am a 23 year old Canadian. I just finished my bachelor's degree in Kinesiology. I have been wanting to take a year off to travel for a few years now. Since I have just finished my studies, I believe that the time is right before I start working. I have traveled before, but I have never done it alone. That's why I believe that being an AuPair would...

Joanna, 22岁,学生来自加拿大寻找互惠生 澳大利亚, 法国, 意大利, 瑞士, 希腊的工作

英语, 法语 九月 2021 - 十一月 2021 (10-12个月) 新注册
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Abigail, 19岁,管理人员来自加拿大寻找互惠生 & 保姆 澳大利亚, 意大利, USA, 英国的工作

英语 九月 2022 - 九月 2023 (10-12个月) 平均回复
Abigail不抽烟 Abigail没有急救认证 Abigail会游泳 Abigail会骑自行车

Dear host family, I am more than excited to get to know you but first I would be honoured to introduce myself to you. My name is Abigail Houghton. I am 19 years old and from a small town in British Columbia, Canada called Kelowna. I live with my mom Anna (57) and my dad Ian (55) lives in Squamish which is a town 45 minutes away from Vancouver (which you have possibly...

Alexandra, 22岁,儿童护理员来自加拿大寻找互惠生 & 保姆 澳大利亚, 法国, 意大利, 荷兰, 英国的工作

英语, 法语 九月 2021 - 十月 2021 (10-12个月) 平均回复
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Haleigh, 24岁,保姆来自加拿大寻找互惠生 & 保姆 法国, 日本, 葡萄牙, 韩国, 英国的工作

英语, 葡萄牙语 五月 2021 - 十二月 2021 (10-12个月) 平均回复
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Katherine, 27岁,Egg Donor来自加拿大寻找互惠生 法国, 西班牙的工作

英语, 法语, 西班牙语 十一月 2021 - 十二月 2021 (10-12个月) 平均回复
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Hey there! My name is Katherine. I am 27 years old and Canadian! I am a certified Early Childhood Educator, with 6+ years of experience. I would love to be an au pair in France, because the French language is beautiful to me and the culture is wonderful. I bright, outgoing and love to

Alexandra, 23岁,来自加拿大寻找互惠生 澳大利亚, 意大利, 葡萄牙, 西班牙, 瑞士的工作

英语, 葡萄牙语, 法语 ... 九月 2021 - 十二月 2021 (4-6个月) 平均回复
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Dear host family, My name is Alexandra, I am 23 years old born and raised in Canada. My parents immigrated from Portugal so I do speak Portuguese, I have also studied French and just started to learn Spanish. I have just graduated university with a Bachelor Degree in Justice Studies. I have always had a love for new cultures and languages and because I come from a big...

Vida, 23岁, 加纳人, 保姆现居住在加拿大搜索互惠生 & 保姆在澳大利亚, 加拿大, 德国, 西班牙, 英国的工作

英语 十月 2022 - 十月 2022 (>1年) 新注册
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Hi Mr or miss, my name is Vida from Ghana, l am a experience au pair for 3 years now.l am looking for au pair oversea because I have done my au pair work right here in my country for 3 years and I want to work in abroad to experience a life in a broad.l will like you to host me because I am far from you and being in the house with you makes my work easier for me.l will be...


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