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Fan, 25岁,教师来自中国寻找互惠生 德国的工作

教师 普通话, 英语, 德语 十月 2020 - 十二月 2020 10-12个月 非常积极的回应
Fan不抽烟 Fan没有急救认证 Fan会游泳 Fan会骑自行车


, 23岁,销售业务员来自中国寻找互惠生 比利时, 法国的工作

销售业务员 普通话, 英语, 法语 三月 2021 - 五月 2021 10-12个月 非常积极的回应
梁不抽烟 梁没有急救认证 梁不会游泳 梁会骑自行车

I am Chinese,who was born to be kind and caring.For some reason,i got to know Au pair,then i stated to get all information i can,i noticed wow,is it what i want to do?I can get to know the different culture from foreign countries,i can also travel,i can make people happy and take care of people who needs help.I am a patient girl and i would love to contribute,i love challenging,i love going through different life.

Linling, 20岁,学生来自中国寻找互惠生 奥地利的工作

学生 中文, 德语, 英语 九月 2020 - 十一月 2020 10-12个月 非常积极的回应
Linling不抽烟 Linling没有急救认证 Linling会游泳 Linling会骑自行车

Liebe Gastfamilie, Ich bin Linling, komme aus China. Ich bin 21 Jahre alt. Ich habe schon 1 Jahr in Deutschland als Au pair gemacht. Ich wollte mein Deutsch verbessern. Ich habe B1-B2 . Ich bin schon in

CHEN, 21岁,自由职业者来自中国寻找互惠生 & 家庭教师 希腊, 新西兰, 日本, 澳大利亚, 德国的工作

自由职业者 中文 六月 2020 - 十二月 2021 4-6个月 平均回复
CHEN不抽烟 CHEN没有急救认证 CHEN不会游泳 CHEN会骑自行车

Hello, I am a college student studying media management, I used to work in an advertising company, I can play basketball, yoga, tai chi, the most important is that I can teach the children the Chinese book of songs, and many traditional Chinese culture. Because I used to be an advertiser, I have unlimited creativity and manual skills. I also like watching cartoons, because I have a 12-year-old sister at home, who I...

Ziting, 25岁,潜水教练、导游来自中国寻找互惠生 & 家庭教师 哥伦比亚, 墨西哥, 巴拿马, 秘鲁, USA的工作

潜水教练、导游 中文, 普通话, 英语 ... 九月 2020 - 十一月 2021 >1年 平均回复
Ziting不抽烟 Ziting有急救认证 Ziting会游泳 Ziting会骑自行车

Dear family, how are you? I'm Judy.I'm very glad to have the opportunity to become a family with you in a foreign country! I come from a coastal city in southern China and I speak very standard Mandarin,I can speak Cantonese and Fujian dialect also. After finishing my work in Africa this year, I began to travel around the world. But when I left, the coronavirus put most countries in lockdown, and I couldn't...

, 23岁,市场营销来自中国寻找互惠生 比利时, 法国的工作

市场营销 中文, 英语, 法语 十二月 2020 - 三月 2021 10-12个月 积极响应
梁不抽烟 梁没有急救认证 梁不会游泳 梁会骑自行车

Chen, 24岁,English teacher来自中国寻找互惠生 加拿大, 澳大利亚, 瑞典, 瑞士, 新西兰的工作

English teacher 英语 十月 2021 - 十一月 2022 10-12个月 平均回复
Chen不抽烟 Chen没有急救认证 Chen不会游泳 Chen会骑自行车

JIALIN, 22岁,学生来自中国寻找互惠生 比利时, 爱尔兰, 瑞士, 英国的工作

学生 中文, 英语 十月 2020 - 三月 2021 10-12个月 非常积极的回应

For Future reciprocal family, Let me briefly introduce myself hello, my name is Jialin, I come from China, I graduated from university this year, before I officially enter the postgraduate study, I want to learn languages in order to learn better in the future. So I chose to become an Au Pair in my gap year.I am a very responsible person. I like to get along with children. When I was in college, I went to teach in...

Yilin, 22岁,编辑来自中国寻找互惠生 & 保姆 USA的工作

编辑 中文, 英语, 西班牙语 十月 2020 - 十二月 2022 >1年 非常积极的回应
Yilin不抽烟 Yilin有急救认证 Yilin会游泳 Yilin会骑自行车

Dong, 25岁,办公室文员来自中国寻找互惠生 挪威, 瑞典, 丹麦, 芬兰的工作

办公室文员 普通话, 英语 十月 2020 - 一月 2021 10-12个月 平均回复
Dong不抽烟 Dong有急救认证 Dong会游泳 Dong会骑自行车

Dear host family, It's really nice to meet you here. I would love to introduce myself to you! I am a 25-year-old chinese girl. You can simply call me Dong. I am an easygoing girl who is warm-hearted. I love to see the beauty of the world and I think the main part of it, it's the diffrences, diffrences between people make me know the word "respect", and the differences between countries make us want to learn...


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