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Au Pairs, Granny Au Pairs and Nannies from Angola are looking for a Host Family. Find Au Pairs without an Au Pair agency.

Unemployed English, Portuguese Aug 2019 - Oct 2020 >1 year New registered
Iola is a smoker Iola has got a first aid certification Iola cannot swim Iola cannot ride a bike

We present Iola (21) originally from Angola, who is dreaming of working as Au Pair. The applicant has already finished College and is now employed as Unemployed. Iola knows perfectly well English, Portuguese. The Au Pair understands English, French...

Receptionist English, Portuguese Aug 2019 - Oct 2019 10-12 months Very active in response
Janice is a smoker Janice hasn't got a first aid certification Janice cannot swim Janice can ride a bike

Dear Host Family, My name is Janice, I’m a 19 years old Angolan and future Au Pair. I have experienced working with children, and teens. I love to help families ease their...

Informática Portuguese, Spanish Feb 2020 - Dec 2021 >1 year New registered
Mayte is a Non-Smoker Mayte hasn't got a first aid certification Mayte cannot swim Mayte can ride a bike

Come to know Mayte currently living in Angola, who wishes to help your family as Au Pair & Nanny. The applicant is experienced in Vocational School and is recently employed as Informática. Mayte has no problems communicating in Portuguese,...

Healthcare Assistant French, Portuguese Feb 2020 - Apr 2020 >1 year Very active in response
Maravilha Sofia is a Non-Smoker Maravilha Sofia has got a first aid certification Maravilha Sofia cannot swim Maravilha Sofia can ride a bike

Querida família, sou Maravilha Sofia, tenho 24 anos, vivo em Angola, tenho muito interesse em fazer parte da vossa família, e saber mais sobre a vossa cultura, gostaria de...

Secretary Portuguese Dec 2019 - Dec 2020 >1 year New registered
Nilsa is a smoker Nilsa has got a first aid certification Nilsa cannot swim Nilsa cannot ride a bike

Sou a Nilsa, comecei a trabalhar com 19 anos e aprendi a ser multifuncional. Aprendo rápido e não me limito quando assunto é trabalho. No momento estou empregada na Polícia...

Unemployed English, French, Portuguese Aug 2019 - Oct 2019 7-9 months New registered
Cristina is a Non-Smoker Cristina has got a first aid certification Cristina cannot swim Cristina can ride a bike

Bonjour, je suis Cristina je veux gagner une nouvelle famille, donner de l'affection et apprendre des

Human Resources Portuguese Jan 2020 - Dec 2021 >1 year Very active in response
Domingas Nareth is a smoker Domingas Nareth has got a first aid certification Domingas Nareth cannot swim Domingas Nareth cannot ride a bike

Hello, My name is Nareth but everyone calls me Nath I am 22 years old, I live in Angola I intend to move to Namibia next year and I'd really like you to consider working with...

Unemployed English, Portuguese Jul 2019 - Sep 2019 >1 year Very active in response
Florbela doesn't smoke at home Florbela hasn't got a first aid certification Florbela cannot swim Florbela cannot ride a bike

Hello to the family that will receive me My name is Florbela da Costa I'm 27 and it's my first time to try Au pair. I have no experience working with children, but I learn fast...

Freelancer English, Portuguese Apr 2019 - Aug 2019 10-12 months New registered
Hamilta is a Non-Smoker Hamilta hasn't got a first aid certification Hamilta cannot swim Hamilta cannot ride a bike

My is Hamilta Miguel I'm 21 years old I'm currently looking for something different to do I love children I like being surrounded by them I got my experience by taking care of my...

Student - High School French, Portuguese Sep 2018 - Nov 2019 10-12 months Active in response
Ossacrima Huime is a Non-Smoker Ossacrima Huime has got a first aid certification Ossacrima Huime cannot swim Ossacrima Huime can ride a bike

Hello Eu sou a Ossacrima Huime Espero que escolhem para cuidar de vossos filhos e espero passar a minha experiência sobre crianças. Eu amo cuidar de crianças e nada melho que...


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