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Simone, 18岁,笔者来自丹麦寻找互惠生 中国, 法国, 法国南华庭, 德国, 英国的工作

笔者 丹麦语, 英语, 西班牙语 十二月 2020 - 十二月 2021 10-12个月 平均回复
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Almira, 24岁, 菲律宾人, 互惠生现居住在丹麦搜索互惠生在比利时, 冰岛, 卢森堡, 荷兰的工作

互惠生 菲律宾语, 英语 十二月 2020 - 一月 2021 10-12个月 平均回复
Almira不抽烟 Almira没有急救认证 Almira会游泳 Almira会骑自行车

你好 亲爱的未来寄宿家庭。 我是24岁的Almira Bulayo。 我目前在丹麦工作,我的合同将于2021年1月结束。我是一个非常努力的人。

Lindsey, 20岁,waiter来自丹麦寻找互惠生 & 保姆 澳大利亚, 中国, USA, 英国的工作

waiter 英语, 丹麦语 九月 2020 - 九月 2021 4-6个月 非常积极的回应
Lindsey不抽烟 Lindsey没有急救认证 Lindsey不会游泳 Lindsey会骑自行车

My name is Lindsey and i am 20 years old, I grew up denmark but i am fluent in english too.I am half british and half danish, I have finished my ninth grade and i have experience as a waiter.I can do a bit of everything and i don’t mind watching both older and younger kids. I Also don’t mind watching special needs children cause i love to learn new things. i don’t mind animals and i am not allergic to...

Jhunhemea, 26岁, 菲律宾人, Aupair现居住在丹麦搜索互惠生在卢森堡的工作

Aupair 英语 一月 2021 - 三月 2021 10-12个月 非常积极的回应
Jhunhemea不抽烟 Jhunhemea有急救认证 Jhunhemea会游泳 Jhunhemea会骑自行车

I'm Mia Alcancia, from Phillippines. 26 years of Age. Presently an Aupair in Denmark. I'm looking for an lovely Host Family in Luxemborg and willing to stay up to 10-12

Adelena, 19岁,儿童护理员来自丹麦寻找互惠生 & 同居帮助者 苏格兰的工作

儿童护理员 丹麦语, 英语, 西班牙语 十一月 2020 - 二月 2021 7-9个月 新注册
Adelena不抽烟 Adelena有急救认证 Adelena会游泳 Adelena会骑自行车

Hello! My name is Adelena but my friends and family call me Ade. I have just finished what you in my home country Denmark call “gymnasium”. This would translate to college or high school. This means that I can finally travel and experience lots of new things. I want to become an Au Pair because it enables me to hopefully become part of a nice family and take care of children - which is what I love. You should...

Shella Mae, 26岁, 菲律宾人, 学生 - 科技/ IT现居住在丹麦搜索互惠生在卢森堡, 瑞典的工作

学生 - 科技/ IT 英语, 菲律宾语 十月 2020 - 十二月 2020 10-12个月 非常积极的回应
Shella Mae不抽烟 Shella Mae有急救认证 Shella Mae会游泳 Shella Mae会骑自行车


Theresa, 30岁, 菲律宾人, 互惠生现居住在丹麦搜索老年人看护 & 同居帮助者在丹麦, 芬兰, 德国, 瑞典的工作

互惠生 菲律宾语, 英语 十二月 2020 - 一月 2021 >1年 非常积极的回应
Theresa不抽烟 Theresa有急救认证 Theresa会游泳 Theresa会骑自行车

I have been an aupair in Brazil,Sweden and Denmark,I have work and learn cultures with these countries.I like to gain more experience in diferent cultures of nationalities.Being an aupair is absolutely amazing where i meet new friends and families that i stay for cultural exchange. I would like to continue to work as an aupair,Nanny or Caregiver position (full time or Partime) Within EU.Im interested to find a...

Indira, 25岁, 印度尼西亚人, 互惠生现居住在丹麦搜索互惠生在比利时的工作

互惠生 印度尼西亚语, 英语, 丹麦语 一月 2021 - 二月 2021 10-12个月 非常积极的回应
Indira不抽烟 Indira没有急救认证 Indira会游泳 Indira会骑自行车

****EXPERIENCED AUPAIR CURRENTLY IN DENMARK UNTIL FEBRUARY 2021 (can start earlier in January) +DRIVING LICENSE + MASTER DEGREE GRADUATED**** Dear my future family, My name is Indira. I am a 25 years-old (female) I am a Master Degree (acceleration program) graduate from London School of Public Relations Jakarta, I study Communication. I got my Bachelor in Communication in 2016 and one year later I got my...

Namukasa Winnie, 20岁, 乌干达人, Aupair现居住在丹麦搜索互惠生在德国, 爱尔兰, 挪威, 瑞典, 瑞士的工作

Aupair 英语 十二月 2020 - 一月 2021 >1年 非常积极的回应
Namukasa Winnie不抽烟 Namukasa Winnie有急救认证 Namukasa Winnie会游泳 Namukasa Winnie会骑自行车

Hello, my name is Winnie and I’m probably what you’re looking for :D I'm 20 years old and was born and raised in Uganda (Kampala). Right now, I live Denmark where I work as an au-pair for a family with five children based in Copenhagen. The ages and genders of the kids are, a 12-month-old girl, a 4-year-old girl, a 9-year-old boy, a 14-year-old boy and a 16 year-old-girl. Besides this family I have also...

Charity, 26岁, 菲律宾人, Aupair现居住在丹麦搜索互惠生在挪威的工作

Aupair 菲律宾语, 丹麦语 十一月 2020 - 十二月 2020 >1年 非常积极的回应
Charity不抽烟 Charity没有急救认证 Charity会游泳 Charity会骑自行车

Dear Host Family , My name is Charity Molde , 26 years of age from the phillipines and currently aupair here in Denmark , I read a post from your recent aupair for her replacement. My contract here in Denmark will end on the last month of the year but can possible start November and im trying to apply in other country preferably norway . I am a easy going girl and flexible . About my current host they have 2...


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