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在选择申请者时,请确保存在相互的共鸣,并且Au Pair的个性、愿望、需求以及兴趣符合您的期望。进行多次视频通话。请注意,大多数非欧盟国家的Au Pair需要签证,无法立即入境。AuPair.com是全球Au Pair数量最多的平台,但它也提供了与其他有趣的候选人相遇的机会:Nannies(保姆)、Grannies Au Pairs(祖母式Au Pair)、Caregivers for Elderly(照顾老人)、Live-in Help for Seniors(为老年人提供住家帮助)、Live-in Tutors(住家教师)。

Natali, 25岁,心理学家来自格鲁吉亚寻找互惠生 USA的工作

Natali不抽烟 Natali不抽烟 Natali会骑自行车 Natali可以照顾宠物 Natali会游泳
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❱ 六月 2024 - 十一月 2025 (12-24 月)
英语高级(C1) 格鲁吉亚语母语 俄语初学(A1)

Dear Host Family, Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. I am thrilled to be applying to become your au pair. My name is Natali,25 years old and I come from Georgia. I am a responsible and enthusiastic individual who is passionate about childcare. I have prior ...

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Sopiko, 25岁,经济学家来自格鲁吉亚寻找互惠生 & 保姆 USA的工作

Sopiko不抽烟 Sopiko不抽烟 Sopiko会骑自行车 Sopiko可以照顾宠物 Sopiko会游泳 Sopiko有急救认证
Sopiko有视频 Sopiko有相关证明资料
❱ 三月 2024 - 五月 2024 (12-24 月)
英语中级(B1) 格鲁吉亚语母语 俄语中级(B1) +1

My name is Sopiko, I am 24 years old and I am from Georgia. I was born in a small village Purtio. I have a family father Murad, 50 years old, mother Lamara, 47 years old, my two brothers Ruslan, 22 years old, and Rezi, 6 years old. I lived with my parents, until I was 18. After ...

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Sharon, 25岁,记者来自肯尼亚寻找互惠生 奥地利, 法国, 德国, 意大利, 西班牙的工作

Sharon不抽烟 Sharon不抽烟 Sharon会骑自行车 Sharon可以照顾宠物 Sharon会游泳 Sharon有急救认证
❱ 一月 2024 - 五月 2024 (6-12 月)
英语母语 斯瓦希里语母语 法语初学(A1) +1

Dear Host FamilyI have an embassy appointment on 20. 03.2024❗️ My name is Sharon, and I am writing to express my interest in becoming an au pair for your family. I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to immerse myself in a new culture, while also providing support and ...

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Regina, 37岁,人力资源来自加纳寻找保姆 & 老年人看护 马耳他, 挪威, 瑞典, USA, 英国的工作

Regina不抽烟 Regina不抽烟 Regina会骑自行车 Regina有急救认证
❱ 二月 2024 - 六月 2024 (12-12 月)

Hello to my dear Host Family, First and foremost, thank you for reading my letter. My name is Regina, a 37-year-old Ghanaian graduate with a degree in Human Resource Management in business administration. My African family comprises my parents, elder and younger brothers, ...

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Mariami, 24岁,建筑师来自格鲁吉亚寻找互惠生 USA的工作

Mariami不抽烟 Mariami不抽烟 Mariami会骑自行车 Mariami可以照顾宠物
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❱ 一月 2024 - 一月 2025 (12-12 月)
英语进阶(B2) 格鲁吉亚语母语 德语中级(B1)

Dear Host Family, Hello Dear Host Family. I am very happy to write this letter. My name is Mariami, I am 24 years old and I am from Georgia. I have a Bachelor's degree in Architecture. Now I work in the store. I live in a beautiful village Ikalto, near to also wonderful city ...

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Mariam, 24岁,Philology来自格鲁吉亚寻找互惠生 USA的工作

Mariam不抽烟 Mariam不抽烟 Mariam可以照顾宠物 Mariam会游泳
Mariam有视频 Mariam有相关证明资料
❱ 一月 2024 - 四月 2024 (1-12 月)
英语进阶(B2) 格鲁吉亚语母语 德语基础(A2)

Hello Dear host family, I hope you are having a wonderful day. My name is Mariam, and I am a 23-year-old aspiring au pair from a small village in Georgia. I am writing to express my sincere interest in becoming a part of your family as your au pair. Growing up in a ...

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Angelina, 27岁,音乐家来自俄罗斯联邦寻找互惠生 奥地利, USA, 法国, 瑞士, 韩国的工作

Angelina不抽烟 Angelina不抽烟 Angelina会骑自行车 Angelina可以照顾宠物 Angelina会游泳 Angelina有急救认证
❱ 五月 2024 - 九月 2024 (10-12 月)
英语中级(B1) 俄语母语 法语基础(A2) +1

Когда меня спрашивают, чего я хочу от жизни, то я всегда отвечаю: "хочу попробовать все и научиться как можно большему". Я бы хотела прожить несколько ...

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YENY MALU, 29岁,律师来自哥伦比亚寻找互惠生 & 保姆 丹麦, 芬兰, 卢森堡, 挪威, 瑞典的工作

❱ 二月 2024 - 四月 2024 (12-24 月)
英语中级(B1) 西班牙语母语 意大利语基础(A2)

Hello Dear Family, my name is Malu, I am Colombian, I am 28 years old and I live in the beautiful city of Yopal. I want to be an AuPair because I love children and I would like to know more about your culture. I know that I can be of great help to you because I am responsible, ...

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Yeison David, 23岁,管理人员来自哥伦比亚寻找互惠生 德国的工作

Yeison David不抽烟 Yeison David不抽烟 Yeison David会骑自行车 Yeison David可以照顾宠物 Yeison David会游泳 Yeison David有急救认证
Yeison David有视频 Yeison David有相关证明资料
❱ 二月 2024 - 四月 2024 (12-24 月)
英语进阶(B2) 西班牙语母语 德语初学(A1)

Hello family, I am an outgoing person, I really like to share with other people and knowing that they feel good with me makes me happy. The candidate would have a good option is to host me since he will be with a kind person with good human values, who will be spending time ...

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Malkhaz, 20岁, 德国人, 学生 - 社会科学现居住在格鲁吉亚搜索互惠生 & 保姆在USA的工作

Malkhaz不抽烟 Malkhaz不抽烟 Malkhaz会骑自行车 Malkhaz可以照顾宠物 Malkhaz会游泳 Malkhaz有急救认证
Malkhaz有视频 Malkhaz有相关证明资料
❱ 二月 2024 - 三月 2024 (12-24 月)
英语进阶(B2) 格鲁吉亚语母语 俄语基础(A2)

I am a 20-year-old boy - Malkhaz, who devotes every day of his life to development, giving positive energy and love. I am a singer, radio presenter and in the future I see myself in public life. I want to participate in this program for several reasons - first, to face a new ...

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