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Kylie Khaye, 25岁,市场营销来自菲律宾寻找互惠生 丹麦, 德国, 荷兰, 挪威, 瑞典的工作

菲律宾语, 英语, 德语 十二月 2021 - 一月 2022 (10-12 月) 非常积极的回应
Kylie Khaye不抽烟 Kylie Khaye没有急救认证 Kylie Khaye不会游泳 Kylie Khaye会骑自行车 Kylie Khaye can take care of pets Kylie Khaye有相关证明资料

I'm Kylie Khaye Gaad (4'11 in height/ 25 years old) from the Philippines. Currently employed as a Marketing Professional in a Real Estate company here in the Philippines. As of now, I am looking for an opportunity of being an Au Pair for personal and professional development. Honestly, I'd like to become an Au Pair because my dream is to work abroad and I am having a hard...

Febiyanna Ayu, 25岁,自由职业者来自印尼寻找互惠生 德国, 奥地利, 卢森堡, 荷兰, 瑞士的工作

印度尼西亚语, 英语, 荷兰语 十二月 2021 - 三月 2022 (12-24 月) 非常积极的回应
Febiyanna Ayu is fully vaccinated against Covid-19?Febiyanna Ayu不抽烟 Febiyanna Ayu有急救认证 Febiyanna Ayu不会游泳 Febiyanna Ayu会骑自行车 Febiyanna Ayu can not care of pets Febiyanna Ayu有相关证明资料

Dear Host Familie, Hallo, my name is Febiyanna Ayu. I'm 25 years old, and I come from Indonesia. I really want to be an Aupair because I really love kids, I have so many experiences with kids since I am the first of 4 children so I used to help my mom to taking care of my siblings. And now I was helping my auntie to take care of my cousin which is 3,5 and 1,5 years old....

Luisa María, 27岁,设计师来自哥伦比亚寻找互惠生 丹麦, 卢森堡, 荷兰, 瑞典的工作

西班牙语, 英语 十一月 2021 - 一月 2022 (13-24 月) 非常积极的回应
Luisa María不抽烟 Luisa María没有急救认证 Luisa María会游泳 Luisa María会骑自行车 Luisa María can take care of pets Luisa María有视频Luisa María有相关证明资料

亲爱的未来寄宿家庭。 我叫 Luisa Maria...

Abigael, 23岁,工程师来自肯尼亚寻找互惠生 奥地利, 加拿大, 德国, USA, 英国的工作

Swahili 十一月 2021 - 十二月 2023 (24-24 月) 非常积极的回应
Abigael不抽烟 Abigael有急救认证 Abigael不会游泳 Abigael会骑自行车 Abigael can take care of pets Abigael有相关证明资料

I'm a self driven person and out going I'd like to be an AU Pair because I'm passionate about learning new culture and creating memories Candidates should host me because I'm disciplined and honest And I'm certain that I'm qualified because I can offer quality services.

Rebeca, 22岁,Estagiária来自巴西寻找互惠生 & 老年人看护 USA, 爱尔兰, 英国, 南非的工作

葡萄牙语, 英语 二月 2022 - 七月 2022 (12-24 月) 非常积极的回应
Rebeca不抽烟 Rebeca没有急救认证 Rebeca会游泳 Rebeca会骑自行车 Rebeca can take care of pets Rebeca有相关证明资料

你好!我是丽贝卡,今年 22...

Amany, 23岁,旅游家来自摩洛哥寻找互惠生 & 保姆 法国, 意大利, USA, 英国, 卡塔尔的工作

阿拉伯语, 英语, 法语 ... 十月 2021 - 一月 2022 (13-24 月) 非常积极的回应
Amany不抽烟 Amany有急救认证 Amany会游泳 Amany会骑自行车 Amany can take care of pets Amany有相关证明资料

Hello potential Host family ☺️ My name is Amany am a girl that grew up with 4 boys one big brother and am a big sister of 3 . To be honest am looking for someone who want a new family member that will treat your kids like family making sure that their doing well (physically and mentally ) being their friend . I would like to build a relationship with the whole family...

Analu Carmel, 27岁, 菲律宾人, 教师现居住在泰国搜索互惠生 & Online Tutor在荷兰, 挪威, 波兰, 瑞士, 英国的工作

菲律宾语, 英语, 泰国 十二月 2022 - 五月 2023 (13-24 月) 新注册
Analu Carmel不抽烟 Analu Carmel没有急救认证 Analu Carmel不会游泳 Analu Carmel会骑自行车 Analu Carmel can not care of pets Analu Carmel有相关证明资料

Dear host family, I am very excited about getting to know you. But, first, I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Carmel. I'm 27 years old, from the Philippines. I am currently teaching now, here in Thailand as an ESL Teacher. I was a nursery and kindergarten teacher here for 2 years, and now I'm teaching grade 1 students ages 6-7 years old for 4 years now....

TABTIM, 26岁,会计来自泰国寻找互惠生 USA的工作

泰国, 英语 一月 2022 - 一月 2023 (12-24 月) 非常积极的回应
TABTIM不抽烟 TABTIM没有急救认证 TABTIM会游泳 TABTIM会骑自行车 TABTIM can take care of pets TABTIM有视频TABTIM有相关证明资料

“Dear Host family” Hello. First of all. I’m so happy to know that you’re interested in my profile. I really hope you would enjoy my story. Let me introduce myself. You can call me Neptune. I’m 26 years old. I completed a Bachelor degree in accounting. Four months after I graduate, I work as an accountant in a company. There are six people in my family. My...

Évila, 22岁,教师来自巴西寻找互惠生 & 保姆 USA, 美国本土外小岛屿, 爱尔兰的工作

葡萄牙语, 英语, 西班牙语 十月 2021 - 七月 2022 (13-24 月) 非常积极的回应
Évila不抽烟 Évila有急救认证 Évila会游泳 Évila会骑自行车 Évila can take care of pets Évila有相关证明资料

你好,我未来的寄宿家庭,我的名字是 Evila,我 22 岁,我是巴西人,我住在 Vila Velha Espirito Santo 市,我和我的母亲 Luciana 住在一起,她 40 岁,工作一个教堂的看守人,我有一个兄弟,他叫阿利森,今年 19...

Angie, 28岁,记者来自哥伦比亚寻找互惠生 卢森堡, 荷兰, 瑞典, 丹麦的工作

西班牙语, 英语 一月 2022 - 三月 2022 (12-12 月) 新注册
Angie不抽烟 Angie没有急救认证 Angie会游泳 Angie会骑自行车 Angie can take care of pets Angie有视频Angie有相关证明资料

Dear future host family I am very excited to have the opportunity to meet you and be a member of your family for a long time. My name is Angie, I am 28 years old; I was born on March 17, 1993 in Colombia. I live in the city of Medellín, with my mother, my sister and Snow my dog. Taking a university degree and being able to work under pressure are things that have helped me...


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