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Shamirah, 22 years old, Baker from Uganda looking for Au Pair jobs in Australia, France, South Africa, USA, United Kingdom

Ugandan Au Pair
English Native Swahili B1
Jan 2024 - Feb 2024 (10-12 Months) New registered
Shamirah is a Non-Smoker Shamirah has got a first aid certification Shamirah can swim Shamirah can ride a bike Shamirah can take care of pets
Shamirah has references

Hello, my name is Shamirah a 22 years old lady from Kampala Uganda. I have two years of experience working with children and I've been babysitting regularly for the last two years. My experience, makes me a great candidate for the AuPair. I want to become an AuPair because I have passion spending time with children, children are actually my best friends. So taking care of...

Jheniffer, 25, Brazilian, Chef currently in Portugal searching for Au Pair & Home share with elderly job in Spain, USA, France, Portugal, United Kingdom

Brazilian Au Pair
English B1 Portuguese Native
Jan 2023 - Jan 2024 (6-24 Months) Very active in response
Jheniffer is a Non-Smoker Jheniffer can ride a bike Jheniffer can take care of pets
Jheniffer has references

Sua família estará em boas mãos! Gosto de cozinhar, e manter as crianças em bons hábitos alimentares e com uma rotina de sono e higiene não será um problema! Possuo experiência com crianças de todas as idades há quase dez anos. Não tenho vícios, prefiro alimentação saudável e pratico exercícios regularmente. Meu interesse no programa de au pair é construir...

Everline, 28 years old, Domestic Helper from Kenya looking for Au Pair jobs in Denmark, Finland, France, Luxembourg, Sweden

Kenyan Au Pair
English C1 Swahili Native German B1
Jan 2024 - Dec 2024 (6-24 Months) Very active in response
Everline is a Non-Smoker Everline has got a first aid certification Everline can swim Everline can ride a bike Everline can take care of pets
Everline has an application video Everline has references

Dear host family, My name is Everline, I am 28 years old, born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. I am fluent in Swahili, Luo, English, and I also speak and write German at the intermediate level, B1 and currently enrolled in B2. I successfully completed my high school degree and worked in the hotel industry as an ancillary staff but recently quit my job to provide childcare...

KRISTINE MAE, 26 years old, Administration from Philippines looking for Au Pair jobs in Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, USA

Filipino Au Pair
English B1 Filipino Native
Jan 2024 - Apr 2024 (8-14 Months) New registered
KRISTINE MAE is a Non-Smoker KRISTINE MAE can take care of pets
KRISTINE MAE has references

Dear Host Family! I am writing to express my sincerest interest in becoming an au pair. I am Kristine, 26 years of age from the Philippines. We Filipinos are known to be kind, loving and caring especially children and elderly. I can say that I possess the

Shejma, 19 years old, Student - High School from Macedonia looking for Au Pair jobs in Germany

Macedonian Au Pair
English B2 Albanian Native German C1
Apr 2024 - May 2024 (10-12 Months) Very active in response
Shejma is a Non-Smoker Shejma can swim Shejma can ride a bike Shejma can take care of pets
Shejma has references

Liebe Gastfamilie, Ich bin Shejma, Ich bin 19 Jahre alt geboren am 01.03.2004. Ich strebe danach, als Au Pair zu arbeiten, um eine interkulturelle Erfahrung zu sammeln, meine Sprachkenntnisse zu verbessern und eine unterstützende Rolle in einer Gastfamilie einzunehmen. Durch die Betreuung der Kinder möchte ich nicht nur meine pädagogischen Fähigkeiten...

Kevin, 19 years old, Student from India looking for Au Pair jobs in Germany

Indian Au Pair
English Native Malay Native German B2 +1
Sep 2023 - Jan 2024 (6-24 Months) Very active in response
Kevin is a Non-Smoker Kevin has got a first aid certification Kevin can swim Kevin can ride a bike Kevin can take care of pets
Kevin has references

Einen schönen Tag. Liebe Familie, ich heiße Kevin. Ich komme aus Indien, ich bin 19 Jahre alt. Ich bin Student. Ich studiere in Grace an der Samarkander in Fremdschprachen Institut Fakultät für Deutsch. Ich will gerne Au-Pair in Deutschland machen. Ich will meine Deutschkentnisse vertiefen im Praktikum und ich will in der Zukunft als Krankenschwester arbeiten Mir...

Leslie Nicole, 23 years old, from Ecuador looking for Au Pair & Online Tutor jobs in Germany, Brazil, Chile, France, United Kingdom

Ecuadorian Au Pair
English A2 Spanish Native
Dec 2023 - Feb 2024 (10-12 Months) Very active in response
Leslie Nicole is a Non-Smoker Leslie Nicole has got a first aid certification Leslie Nicole can take care of pets
Leslie Nicole has references

Hola, me gustaría ser AU pair principalmente porque adoro viajar, socializar y me encantan los niños, otra de las razones por las cuales me encanta la idea de ser Au pair es porque mi sueño siempre a sido viajar fuera del país pero mi situación económica no me lo permite, espero que me des la oportunidad de conocer a tu familia y cumplir este sueño que tanto anhelo,...

Lyanda, 20, Australian, Graduate (high school) currently in Indonesia searching for Au Pair & Nanny job in Netherlands

Australian Au Pair
English B1 Indonesian Native German A2
Dec 2023 - May 2024 (6-24 Months) Very active in response
Lyanda is a Non-Smoker Lyanda has got a first aid certification Lyanda can swim Lyanda can ride a bike Lyanda can take care of pets
Lyanda has an application video Lyanda has references

Hello beloved family, I'm Lyanda from Indonesia. I can go there as soon as possible. I am very interested in becoming an au pair because I really want to get to know a new culture and language, get new experiences and learn from a different perspective how netherland people raise their children. it makes me learn which parenting is good for my child in the future. I love kids...

Jenifer, 22 years old, from Tanzania looking for Au Pair & Caregiver for elderly jobs in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Malaysia, USA

Tanzanian Au Pair
Swahili Native
Nov 2023 - Jan 2024 (12-20 Months) Very active in response
Jenifer is a Non-Smoker Jenifer has got a first aid certification Jenifer can ride a bike Jenifer can take care of pets
Jenifer has references

ar Host Family, As I reflect on the prospect of joining your family as an au pair, I am filled with excitement and anticipation. The idea of becoming a part of your household and contributing to the growth and well-being of your children brings me great joy. I am drawn to the opportunity to immerse myself in a new culture and establish meaningful connections with your...

Asiimwe, 24 years old, Nurse from Uganda looking for Au Pair & Nanny jobs in China, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland

Ugandan Au Pair
English B1 Luganda Native German A1
Dec 2023 - Jan 2024 (10-12 Months) Very active in response
Asiimwe is a Non-Smoker Asiimwe has got a first aid certification Asiimwe can swim Asiimwe can ride a bike Asiimwe can take care of pets
Asiimwe has references

Dear future host, My name is Asiimwe aged 24years from Uganda. I have a certificate in midwifery with a working experience of about 2years. I come from a family of 5 siblings and am the 3rd, this prepared me earlier to take care of my little sister and brother as per African society and this has given me enough experience and skills to take care of babies. I have a...


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