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Norwegian family in Oslo, Norway, offering an Au Pair job for >1 year

>1 year Jul 2020 - Oct 2020 1 Children Oslo (Suburb) 500 EUR per month

We are a happy household with 4 lovely boys. my husband and I are both doctors and we need help with delivering the youngest boy Olav to nursery and to pick him up. Also some housework and some cooking. The 3 eldest boys are independent and the major job is looking after the 4 year old. We live in a house in a safe neighborhood, 10 minutes bu for train form Oslo city center. You will of course have your own room, free food and internet

Norwegian family in Jar, Norway, offering an Au Pair job for >1 year

>1 year Aug 2020 - Sep 2020 1 Children Jar (Suburb) 600 EUR per month

Dear new au pair; If you want to come to a nice and friendly family and be a part of our daily life, we want to get in touch with you. We have had several au pairs and have still a good relationship with all of them. We are interested in who you are, where you are coming from and what you like. You will be a part of our family but still have your privacy and friends.

Norwegian family in Drammen, Norway, offering an Au Pair job for 10-12 months

10-12 months May 2020 - Aug 2020 1 Children Drammen (Town) 530 EUR per month

Hi! We are a small family that want to have an au pair for culture exchange and some help in the house. We previously had Au Pair from Thailand for 4 years. It was a good experience to have one more family member and now we want to have an Au Pair again. Our house is 20 min by bus to town centre and bus station just outside the

Norwegian family in Trondheim, Norway, offering an Au Pair job for >1 year

>1 year Jul 2020 - Feb 2021 2 Children Trondheim (Big City) 600 USD per month

We live 20 min walk (5 min with bus) from the city center where the language school is.

Norwegian family in Lillestrom, Norway, offering an Au Pair job for >1 year

>1 year Jun 2020 - Dec 2020 2 Children Lillestrom (Suburb) 590 EUR per month

Hi We are a couple with 2 kids, with a girl aged 6 and boy aged 9. We are an active family, where both parents work full time and the kids are in school. We are looking for a new au pair who can help us in our daily matters. We are also looking for an au pair who can be an integral part of our family, socialize with us and go with us on an activities. Both in the daily activities, for example when we take the kids for swimming, but also for recreation - when we go hiking in the woods or go ...

French family in Harestua, Norway, offering an Au Pair job for 10-12 months

10-12 months Sep 2020 - Sep 2020 1 Children Harestua (Village) 500 EUR per month

A quelques minutes du centre du village et du jardin d'enfants. A 40 minutes en train

Norwegian family in Spillum, Norway, offering an Au Pair and Nanny job for 10-12 months

10-12 months Aug 2020 - Dec 2020 2 Children Spillum (Countryside) 500 USD per month

I've been taking care of my children basically alone the last 7 years. However, it's become stressful to have a full time job, and at the same time taking care of everything at home. Consequently, hiring an au pair seems to be

Norwegian family in Skjetten, Norway, offering an Au Pair job for >1 year

>1 year Oct 2020 - Dec 2020 2 Children Skjetten (Suburb) 500 USD per month

Meet Abrar's family from Norway, from Skjetten (Suburb) searching for Au Pair. Abrar's family is Norwegian and speaks Norwegian on a daily basis. The family of Abrar is made up of 4 people and includes 2 children (1 - 5 years old). They would like to hire an Au Pair and start the program - the start date is from Oct 2020 to Dec 2020. They want their Au Pair program to last >1 year.

Norwegian family in Hamar, Norway, offering an Au Pair job for >1 year

>1 year Nov 2020 - Jan 2021 3 Children Hamar (Countryside) 540 EUR per month

We live in the countryside 10km outside of Hamar, the nearest city. The language school is situated in Hamar There are busses outside the door, but unfortunately they are i not frequent We have a fairly large house with a nice garden. The two older children Marianna and Celina attends kindergarden.

Norwegian family in Stavanger, Norway, offering an Au Pair job for 10-12 months

10-12 months Aug 2020 - Sep 2020 3 Children Stavanger (Suburb) 544 EUR per month

Our family consist of Hanne & Christian and our 3 small girls Ingvild(5), Silja(3) and Otilie(2). We are half norwegian, half danish. We live 7 km from the heart of stavanger. We see ourself as an active family, which likes sports and being outdoor. We are both doctors with long working days, and varying hours. As our au pair you will be welcomed into a harmonic and kind family. We would like to show you norwegian way of living and the country. It will be an advantage you like being ...

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