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Danish family in Malmö, Sweden, offering an Au Pair job for 10-12 months

10-12 months Aug 2019 - Aug 2020 1 Children Malmö (Big City) 450 EUR per month

Dear Au Pair We are a family of 3: Heidi, 46, Anders, 50 and 2 year old Kilian born June 11th 2017. Heidi also has two children, Julie 19 and Noah 16 from previous marrige. Julie and Noah lives with their father in Denmark and stays with us in some weekends and holidays. We live in an apartment in the center of Malmo close to train station and with a only 30 minute commute to Copenhagen, Denmark, and 12 min ride to Lund University city giving you many opportunities. Heidi works as a ...

Swedish family in Lidingö, Sweden, offering an Au Pair job for 10-12 months

10-12 months Feb 2020 - May 2020 2 Children Lidingö (Suburb) 325 EUR per month

Hi, We are looking for a kind, positive and loving aupair for our 2 boys, aged 3 years and 7 months right now (born may 2019). Our youngest boy will start preeschool in May, when I also will go back to work. Your main task will be to leave/pick up them both from preschool, make dinner and play with them until we get home from work. On occasions help out with babysitting at the evenings. We also need help with some housework and grocery shopping. The kids only speaks Swedish so if you ...

Swedish family in Karlstad, Sweden, offering an Au Pair job for 4-6 months

4-6 months Feb 2020 - Mar 2020 2 Children Karlstad (Town) 350 EUR per month

Hi! Our family consist of Björn (46), Pavlina (44) and our kids Greta (10) and Hemming (8,5). We live in our own house in Karlstad, a town with about 100 000 inhibitans, in Sweden. Pavlina work as a medical doctor and Björn as a lawyer. Greta will begin the fourth grade and start a new school in August (an english speaking school). Hemming will start there next year. Thats the main reason why we are looking for you! To speak english with us and become a new member of our family and for you to ...

Australian family in Skane, Sweden, offering an Au Pair, Nanny and Granny Au Pair job for 7-9 months

7-9 months Feb 2020 - Mar 2020 2 Children Skane (Village) 250 GBP per month

Hi, Are you a happy and responsible person, great with children, looking to learn the language Swedish and to learn more about Swedish culture whilst you stay with us? It is easy to do this by simply taking the train to Malmo for Swedish lessons. Myself and my husband both work in Denmark and would love some help especially with getting the kids to and from daycare and school. The schools are local in the village, so walking or biking, or driving in the winter to pick them up is needed. ...

Swedish family in Helsingborg, Sweden, offering an Au Pair and Nanny job for 1-3 months

1-3 months Jan 2020 - Feb 2020 2 Children Helsingborg (Suburb) 400 EUR per month

Hi..We are a busy family with 3 lovely kids.We are looking someone who likes speak english and learn swedish. We are going to moveto Canada in near by future ,maybe end of next year ,thats why Its important for us to find someone who speaks english well to help our kids with leanguage.

Swedish family in Loddekopinge, Sweden, offering an Au Pair job for >1 year

>1 year Aug 2020 - Oct 2020 2 Children Loddekopinge (Town) 300 EUR per month

We live in a separate house in a small town with a very beautiful nature around. There is a forest here, where people run, walk and go by bicycle. Sea is 1 kilometer from here. There is a big shopping area 5 min drive from us, with shops, gum, climbing facility, etc. Malmö is 25 min drive from us and Copenhagen is 40 min drive. It is a southern part of Sweden, so the weather is very mild and we have snow just for few days during a whole winter. Nearest language school is 15 min drive from ...

British family in uddeholm, Sweden, offering an Au Pair job for 7-9 months

7-9 months Feb 2020 - Apr 2020 3 Children uddeholm (Countryside) 350 EUR per month

Hi young lady. we are looking for a happy go lucky person. you must love life and be happy. we live a great life, in and middle of the country side. so if you are looking to be part of a family, and have a great life ,come and be with us.

Swedish family in Kivik, Sweden, offering an Au Pair, Nanny and Granny Au Pair job for 10-12 months

10-12 months Mar 2020 - Mar 2020 3 Children Kivik (Village) 400 EUR per month

We live in the very south east of Sweden, in the village of Kivik, with long white beaches just outside our doorstep but a little longer to the bigger cities. If you study a map you will find all the cities and villages for you to explore in your own car. Kivik is a famous Swedish summer resort. Holiday life is thriving but the winters are quiet and offers time to gather new energy for the next summer.

Swedish family in Saltsjöbaden, Sweden, offering an Au Pair job for 1-3 months

1-3 months Jan 2020 - Apr 2020 2 Children Saltsjöbaden (Village) 400 EUR per month

Hi! Our family lives in Sweden in the capital Stockholm but about 20 min car ride outside. It is very easy to get in to the city with the train we have in our society. We would love to have an aupair, our child’s are at age soon to be 13 and 15 so we don’t want a babysitter:) we want someone fluent in English so the kids get more comfortable speaking the language. Our daughter (15) would love to have the “big sister she never had” and I assure you that she will take you to all the ...

Swedish family in Karlskoga, Sweden, offering an Au Pair job for 10-12 months

10-12 months Jan 2020 - Mar 2020 3 Children Karlskoga (Town) 150 EUR per month

Hello! We live about 25 minutes by foot from the center or town, very close to the lake and walking trails. Easy biking everywhere (there is a bike for you to use) in town and good connections by bus or train to bigger towns. We have a small fully furnished apartment in the next town over that you can stay in for some added privacy (but are of course welcome at our place on your off hours to hang out, barbeque and such). Good connections by bus between the two towns and also a good bicycle ...

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