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在美国招聘中的互惠生,保姆,儿童及老年人护理工作 - 第1页

1 孩子 (1-5岁) Scituate (城镇) 九月 2018 - 十月 2018
400 美元 每月

2 孩子 (新生儿, 1-5岁) Sarasota (城镇) 七月 2018 - 十二月 2018
800 美元 每月

Cieszymy się, że odwiedziłeś nasz profil. Szukamy au pair, która kocha dzieci, uwielbia się z nimi bawić, a zarazem jest odpowiedzialna i uczciwa. Zapewnimy ci rodzinną atmosferę. Razem z au pair chcemy spędzać czas, jeździć na wakacje oraz obchodzić rodzinne uroczystości i ...

1 孩子 (6-10岁) Brentwood (郊区) 八月 2018 - 一月 2019
800 美元 每月

你好 -

2 孩子 (6-10岁) Miami (郊区) 九月 2018 - 十一月 2018
150 美元 每月

Hello I am a father of two kids and have them Monday, Wednesday and every other weekend. I need assistance with them to do homework and cooking and school preps. Also light cleaning in the house. We are very friendly, like to have fun and need assistance since I spend may hours in hospital ...

1 孩子 (老年人) Everett (郊区) 九月 2018 - 十月 2018
300 美元 每月

1 孩子 (新生儿, 1-5岁) Nesconset (城镇) 九月 2018 - 十一月 2018
900 美元 每月

2 孩子 (11-14岁) lincoln (郊区) 九月 2018 - 十月 2018
800 美元 每月


1 孩子 (老年人) Miami Beach (大城市) 八月 2018 - 十月 2018
200 美元 每月

Dear Au Pair, We are a young heart couple, We are open to culture and people to all over the world We would like to extend the opportunity to anyone who wants to work with us taking care of my Grand Mother and

1 孩子 (11-14岁, 15岁以上) Alamo (郊区) 十月 2018 - 二月 2019
400 美元 每月

Greetings! Looking to introduce my daughter to a multi-cultural learning environment and relationship to help broaden her world

2 孩子 (新生儿, 1-5岁) APO (大城市) 九月 2018 - 十一月 2018
800 美元 每月

Hello! My family is relocating to the states in August and we will be looking for an Au Pair to join us. We have not decided on where we will be living yet but most likely in the Southern New Jersey/Philadelphia area. This area is about 1.5 hours from New York City. We are looking for someone that ...

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