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想成为互惠生并找到来自中国的寄宿家庭 –现在开始免费联系他们吧


在 Guangzhou,中国,中国人家庭提供互惠生 并且 保姆工作,时长为10-12个月

五月 2021 - 十二月 2021 (10-12个月) 2 孩子 (1-5岁) 20 英镑 每月

我们很高兴介绍 来自Guangzhou (大城市), 中国的Thomas家庭 谁愿意雇佣互惠生 并且 保姆。 该寄宿家庭是中国人 并且平常说中文, 英语 & 普通话。 Thomas的家庭是 4人 有2孩子(1-5岁)。 该家庭想要开始互惠生项目 最早五月 2021,最迟 十二月 2021。 他们想要时长为10-12个月的互惠生项目。

在 Ningbo,中国,德国人家庭提供互惠生 并且 保姆工作,时长为10-12个月

十月 2020 - 十二月 2021 (10-12个月) 2 孩子 (1-5岁, 6-10岁) 800 美元 每月

我们希望找到一个积极的人,喜欢使世界变得更美好。 我们相信未来取决于孩子们。 从两年前开始,我们在宁波市从幼稚园开始到包括高中在内的一所外国学校。 我们生活在一个美丽的院子里,有花园和小湖。 我们需要的一切都在步行距离内,或者可以骑自行车去发现。

在 Shenyang,中国,中国人家庭提供互惠生 并且 保姆工作,时长为10-12个月

八月 2021 - 十月 2021 (10-12个月) 2 孩子 (11-14岁) 300 欧元 每月

Hello, we are a family from Shenyang, North China, and looking for an au pair for our kids. There are two children in the family, a 14-year-old girl, a 12-year-old boy. They attend middle school now. We are looking for a reliable and easy-going au pair to look after our children (bring to and pick up from school, after-school time, homework and playing, English conversations, etc.). If you are ...

在 Qingdao,中国,中国人家庭提供互惠生工作,时长为10-12个月

七月 2021 - 十二月 2021 (10-12个月) 1 孩子 (1-5岁) 200 欧元 每月

Thank you for your viewing our family information and hope you can come to China and live with us for several months. We had lived in Germany for about 1.5 years till the end of 2019, and my wife had also been an Au Pair in Ulm of Germany in 2009. My wife and I can speak good English and German, my daughter can speak a little bit of German. We live in the city center of Qingdao West Coast New ...

在 Nanjing,中国,新西兰人家庭提供互惠生 并且 保姆工作,时长为>1年

七月 2021 - 十二月 2021 (>1年) 1 孩子 (新生儿) 1000 美元 每月

在 Beijing,中国,中国人家庭提供互惠生 并且 保姆工作,时长为7-9个月

六月 2021 - 十二月 2022 (7-9个月) 2 孩子 (6-10岁) 400 美元 每月

I am a mother of two kids. And I used to be Aupair when I was 21 year old in Seattle, US. Both my husband and I are fluent in English and work internationally. My older girl is MIA. She is 9 year old. And she love painting very much. She love piano and fencing. She need someone to tutor and guide her in life. My younger boy is Noah. He is 6 year old. He love reading very much. My husband ...

在 beijing,中国,中国人家庭提供互惠生工作,时长为>1年

五月 2021 - 十二月 2021 (>1年) 1 孩子 (1-5岁) 1000 美元 每月

welcome to our family. our family is living nearby financial street in Beijing. and only 3 Miles away from forbidden city(royal palace). you can enjoy both modern life style and convenience to exploit ancient china. the downtown is very safe in Beijing. especially national hotel for foreign leaders is only one miles west to our

在 台州市,中国,中国人家庭提供互惠生工作,时长为10-12个月

五月 2021 - 十二月 2022 (10-12个月) 2 孩子 (1-5岁) 210 美元 每月

你好! 很高兴见到你! 我正在寻找一个会说英语的流利的互惠生,希望我们在一起能度过快乐的时光。希望您友善友好,像孩子一样。我们有两个孩子需要照顾,希望您可以教书 ...

在 闵行区,中国,中国人家庭提供互惠生 并且 家庭教师工作,时长为4-6个月

五月 2021 - 十二月 2021 (4-6个月) 2 孩子 (11-14岁, 15岁以上) 500 美元 每月

Welcome, new member from foreign land. Now, we can't wait to see you. We are looking forward to having dinner with you, reading books, going to the park, studying and traveling together. We are a Catholic family. Everyone is kind and tolerant. We will actively help you integrate into Chinese culture and our family. We hope you are a girl from Europe, America or Canada who can speak ...

在 Dalian,中国,中国人家庭提供互惠生工作,时长为10-12个月

七月 2021 - 十二月 2021 (10-12个月) 2 孩子 (1-5岁, 6-10岁) 220 美元 每月

Nice to know you here. We are the family from Dalian, a very beautiful seaside city. Dalian is a very good city, very clean, and there are lots of wonderful and interesting places you can visit and explore, of course, we would like to invite you to discover our city and China together! We believe we will have good experience and have fun




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