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Familles d'accueil au pair de Chine – Contactez-les dès aujourd'hui gratuitement et découvrez si vous pouvez être Au Pair.

1 Enfants: (1-5 ans) Shanghai (Grande ville) Oct. 2019 - Déc. 2019
10-12 mois
500 USD par mois

We are now living in the heart of Shanghai, China. I heard this program from one of my friends (who applied for this program as aupair a few years ago) and thought this is a perfect fit for both you and our family. We are a family of three. I ...

2 Enfants: (1-5 ans, 6-10 ans) Shangri-La (Banlieue) Oct. 2019 - Fév. 2020
4-6 mois
300 USD par mois

Hi We are a Tibetan-Chinese family. My husband is a Tibetan and I am from Hong Kong. My daughter is 9 years old and my son is 2. They are great kids, kind in nature. We just moved to Shangri-La from Hong Kong and we need a big sister to help taking ...

2 Enfants: (6-10 ans) Beijing (Grande ville) Oct. 2019 - Déc. 2019
4-6 mois
300 USD par mois

Dear friend, thank you very much for reading my family invitation. We are Chinese couple in Beijing, the capital city of China. we had Au Pairs in my home we continuously look for students who like children and like China We are ...

2 Enfants: (1-5 ans, 6-10 ans) 北京 (Grande ville) Oct. 2019 - Déc. 2020
7-9 mois
260 USD par mois

Welcome to Beijing, capital of China. It is old city with lots of tourist attractions. It is the safest city with so many international friends. Trust me, it is beyond your imagination. I am a mother of two kids. And I used to be Aupair when ...

1 Enfants: (11-14 ans) Shenzhen (Grande ville) Sep. 2019 - Oct. 2019
4-6 mois
218 USD par mois

Hello, very glad to meet you! We are looking forward to spend memorable, wonderful days together with you in China. We are a friendly family of 3 with mom, dad and a 11-year old girl. But most of the time dad lives abroad, so usually only me ...

1 Enfants: (6-10 ans) shanghai (Grande ville) Sep. 2019 - Mai 2020
4-6 mois
300 USD par mois

Bienvenue dans notre famille! J'espère que nous pourrons passer un bon moment ensemble! Je suis la femme au foyer, Joyee. Je travaille dans ma propre entreprise et j'aime regarder des films et jouer à Lego. Et mon mari travaille aussi dans sa ...

1 Enfants: (1-5 ans) Shanghai (Grande ville) Oct. 2019 - Aou. 2020
4-6 mois
250 USD par mois

Dear au pair, Hello, welcome to my home! We would like to great you to be a companion and a tutor of my kids, we are also very pleased to get a new family member, hope we could have a great experience together in the next few months! I am the ...

2 Enfants: (1-5 ans) Hangzhou (Grande ville) Aou. 2019 - Oct. 2020
4-6 mois
400 USD par mois

Hi ! Au pairs, I am The mum of two girls. Welcome to our family. Looking forward to seeing someone that can be the big sister of my girls. For my understanding, aupair is not only for living together, but also culture exchange. Previously, I had ...

1 Enfants: (1-5 ans) ningbo (Ville) Oct. 2019 - Déc. 2019
10-12 mois
300 USD par mois

nous aimerions vous inviter chez nous pour passer du temps avec les enfants, notre maison a une très bonne compréhension de la culture, donc pas besoin de vous soucier de la communication, nous sommes impatients de vous voir bientôt et nous vous ...

1 Enfants: (1-5 ans) Hangzhou (Grande ville) Sep. 2019 - Mar. 2020
4-6 mois
250 USD par mois

Dear au pair: Hello! Welcome to our home! I'm the kid's mother. Our family is 3.Host dad is busy in working and often go out for doing business. My daughter is a kindergarten student and she is very nice and behave well. And I am a housewife ...

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