au pair

想成为互惠生并找到来自埃及的寄宿家庭 –现在开始免费联系他们吧


在 New Cairo,埃及,埃及人家庭提供互惠生 并且 保姆工作,时长为6-24 月

九月 2022 - 十二月 2024 (6-24 月) 2 孩子 (6-10岁) 400 美元 每月


在 Cairo,埃及,埃及人家庭提供互惠生 并且 保姆工作,时长为10-24 月

九月 2022 - 十月 2022 (10-24 月) 2 孩子 (6-10岁) 500 欧元 每月


在 Maadi,埃及,埃及人家庭提供互惠生工作,时长为3-8 月

十一月 2022 - 一月 2023 (3-8 月) 2 孩子 (6-10岁) 500 欧元 每月

We are looking for a young educated French speaking female who can stay with us for few months to help our kids develop their French speaking language since both parents do speak English & Arabic only while the kids attend French

在 Giza,埃及,埃及人家庭提供互惠生工作,时长为12-12 月

十月 2022 - 十一月 2022 (12-12 月) 2 孩子 (1-5岁, 6-10岁) 300 美元 每月

25 minutes to city center Right next to sports club Right next to kids

在 Alexandria,埃及,巴拉圭人家庭提供互惠生工作,时长为12-24 月

十月 2022 - 十一月 2022 (12-24 月) 2 孩子 (1-5岁) 155 美元 每月

您好,我叫 Laury,是两个孩子的妈妈,我女儿快 5 岁,儿子​​ 3 岁。我来自巴拉圭,在埃及生活了一段时间,他们的父亲是埃及人,所以你会得到两全其美的! 我们想要一个对宠物很舒服的互惠生,因为妈妈的室友有一只宠物。 ...

在 Cairo,埃及,埃及人家庭提供互惠生 并且 保姆工作,时长为9-12 月

九月 2022 - 十月 2022 (9-12 月) 1 孩子 (6-10岁) 400 美元 每月

我们住在开罗,我们有一个 6

在 Cairo,埃及,埃及人家庭提供互惠生工作,时长为10-12 月

九月 2022 - 七月 2023 (10-12 月) 3 孩子 (6-10岁) 400 欧元 每月

Hello we are looking forward to have u as a new family member to help us to take care of our kids ? specially in the educational area

在 Samalout,埃及,埃及人家庭提供老年人看护工作,时长为23-23 月

九月 2022 - 十一月 2022 (23-23 月)  -

The conscious mind is able to respect the idea even if it does not believe in it. We have many unresolved problems that can only be solved through apology and mutual respect, and it is in the nature of respectable people that they give respect to those who deserve it and those who do not deserve it. Lack of respect and self-esteem affects all walks of life in an individual and it is frightening. ...

在 new giza,埃及,埃及人家庭提供互惠生工作,时长为10-12 月

九月 2022 - 七月 2023 (10-12 月) 3 孩子 (1-5岁, 6-10岁) 450 欧元 每月

hi there we hope we can match with nice and helpful Aupair. our place is not far from down town. you will have a nice room for your self, Egypt is a lovely country with a lot of fun and things to do you will have fun here. we are a family of 5 we have a maid for cleaning we love to have fun as a family. waiting for you :)

在 Giza,埃及,埃及人家庭提供互惠生 并且 家庭教师工作,时长为6-24 月

九月 2022 - 十一月 2022 (6-24 月) 2 孩子 (6-10岁) 40 美元 每月

Hello candidates, My family offering to host a female au pair for my kids (twins 7 years old) in Egypt in the capital. We live in a ground floor apartment with big garden in a cozy compound in the capital




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