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想成为互惠生并找到来自印度的寄宿家庭 –现在开始免费联系他们吧


在 Mumbai,印度,印度人家庭提供保姆工作,时长为10-12 月

十月 2023 - 十二月 2023 (10-12 月) 1 孩子 (新生儿) 500 美元 每月

你好,我和我的妻子最近从美国加利福尼亚州搬到了印度。 我们住在孟买的一个大型住宅区,有一个 1 个月大的女儿。 我们正在寻找一位住家保姆来帮助我们照顾婴儿。 对于保姆来说,这是一个绝佳的机会,可以住在配备游泳池、室外花园、大型会所和其他设施的大型安全综合楼中。 ...

在 chennai,印度,印度人家庭提供互惠生 并且 保姆工作,时长为12-24 月

十一月 2023 - 一月 2024 (12-24 月) 1 孩子 (1-5岁)  -

Hello. I am a top level Indian government officer and mother of Veda. I am looking for someone responsible and caring as I would have to be away from my baby during day time given the nature of my job. We would prefer someone polite and well mannered. Pay is negotiable.we can discuss over call.I am posted in a small town as of now.we do travel often within India on vacations and sometime abroad ...

在 Bangalore,印度,印度人家庭提供互惠生 并且 保姆工作,时长为10-12 月

十二月 2023 - 一月 2024 (10-12 月) 1 孩子 (1-5岁) 350 美元 每月

Hi, we are a family of 3. Both parents are working and the child goes to

在 Mumbai,印度,印度人家庭提供互惠生工作,时长为12-12 月

一月 2024 - 二月 2024 (12-12 月) 1 孩子 (新生儿) 2000 美元 每月

Hey there! We are happy to welcome you to our home. We are new parents to a beautiful baby boy. We live in India, Mumbai. We travel around India and abroad. We are looking for someone who can stay and travel with us. Our household is fully staffed. Our aupair will be provided with stay and food and will be well taken care of. Looking for someone who speaks good English. Exited to meet you soon. ...

在 Hyderabad,印度,印度人家庭提供互惠生 并且 保姆工作,时长为6-12 月

十二月 2023 - 一月 2024 (6-12 月) 1 孩子 (1-5岁) 150 美元 每月

Hi, I am the mother of the child. I will have to travel around the world for the next few months, and my son will accompany me as he is still young. I am looking for someone who can take care of my son at the same time be like his friend and play with him full day. It is very important that they can play well with him and do lots of activity with him. They have to act as his friend who is ...

在 New Delhi,印度,印度人家庭提供互惠生 并且 老年互惠生工作,时长为10-12 月

十月 2023 - 十二月 2024 (10-12 月) 1 孩子 (新生儿, 1-5岁, 6-10岁, 11-14岁, 15岁以上) 100 美元 每月

在AuPair.com你能了解 来自New Delhi (城镇), 印度的Vipin, 搜索互惠生 并且 老年互惠生。 该寄宿家庭是印度人 并且在家说英语 & 印度语。 Vipin家庭是有4人组成的。 包括1孩子(新生儿, 1-5岁, 6-10岁, 11-14岁, 15岁以上)。 该家庭想要开始互惠生项目 - 开始时间从十月 2023到十二月 2024。 这个家庭想要大约 10-12 月的互惠生 并且 老年互惠生。

在 Gurugram (Gurgaon),印度,印度人家庭提供互惠生工作,时长为12-12 月

一月 2023 - 三月 2024 (12-12 月) 1 孩子 (新生儿) 500 美元 每月

Ho we are a 3 member family who wants to enjoy every moment of our lives. We are looking for a person who can help us with our

在 chennai,印度,印度人家庭提供老年人看护工作,时长为1-2 月

八月 2023 - 十二月 2023 (1-2 月) 50 美元 每月

hi looking for a elderly care in

在 New Delhi,印度,印度人家庭提供互惠生, 家庭教师 并且 在线导师工作,时长为10-12 月

三月 2023 - 十二月 2023 (10-12 月) 1 孩子 (1-5岁) 300 美元 每月

I live in In Delhi the capital of India. I live in a nuclear family with my wife and my 2 years baby girl. I am looking forward to find a friendly au pair.we are very friendly and respectful.

在 Hyderabad,印度,印度人家庭提供互惠生 并且 保姆工作,时长为18-24 月

七月 2023 - 十二月 2023 (18-24 月) 1 孩子 (1-5岁) 400 美元 每月

您好,我们是 3




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